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One Bad Cat - Warning: Graphic

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One Bad Cat
Thread Started on Jan 8, 2010, 5:19am [Quote] [Modify] [Delete]
[ Tsotsi Yebo-Wali Zamounim ]
-Psychotic Male Jaguar Anthro-
-Loyal Member Of The Dragon Lords-
"Their blood.. It's innocent blood.. But I
wonder... What is innocent blood for..If not
for shedding? And women.. They have only one
purpose in life... To please us.. To bend over, shut up
and smile.. Then carry the children to populate the world. And
then.. They're only good for killing.. Once that purpose is served, there
is no use for them.. Perhaps my views are cruel.. But that's how I see the world."
{ Theme: Beast Loose In Paradise by Lordi & When You're Evil by Voltaire }
*It had been a couple weeks now since he joined.. That psychopath however, he wouldn't be found in his bedroom like he usually was these last couple days. No, the African man had finally decided to go out and have Well it wouldn't be considered fun to least to those of a sane mind.. But to him, it was a thrill. Like riding a huge roller coaster and then dropping thousands of feet to the ground only to realize you're going to live as you zip past millions of people... or drag racing on a crowded road..knowing that you could crash at any moment.. Yes.. This was what it was like to him.. But his thrill that he was seeking was nothing like those mentioned. His cane tapped against the icy concrete as he limped along..his tattered coat buttoned up to his throat.. Nearly knee high, tattered pants adorned his lower half..just as they had the night he arrived. As for the upper half, well tonight tuffs of orange fur would not be found sticking out of the holes in his coat..Instead under his coat, he wore a collared long sleeved business shirt.. Though it still had its own holes..but it was perhaps in better condition than his coat. And under that business shirt, would be a ratty looking grey wife beater. Old blood stains adorned the grey material. Though his white shirt and his grey shirt under that wouldn't be visible..His coat as mentioned already being buttoned closed. His usual black hat would be pulled over his eyes slightly. Perhaps he'd stop off at a bar tonight.. Maybe travel to the empty side of town.. Who knew.. Maybe he'd even pop a visit to the Rave if he could find the place. So many options.. so little hours in a night. Then of course there was The Geisha. He wasn't that horny really..But female companion ship..even if only a one night stand might be nice..He hadn't had that in awhile..But he'd shake his head at the thought.. No..he didn't feel like it at that very moment..perhaps later.. His grasp on his cane would tighten as he pondered on what to do tonight...He'd shiver a bit as he'd look up... a cross road was ahead..

Such a miserable cold night.. Snow fell hard all around him.. Yet he never objected to it. Sure he was cold.. His hip hurt him quite a bit.. But he was bored..and he wanted to have some fun.. As such, the pain was discarded and pushed into the darker depts of his twisted, cruel, murderous mind. That spotted orange, black and white tail of his would bat side to side as he walked..the tail still missing patches of fur. It hadn't changed. Probably never would.. That sand paper like tongue would seem to roll from his mouth only for a brief moment to lick over his furry lips before retracting.. He'd pause at a cross road..His gaze darting around almost wildly as he tried to decide on which way he wished to go. The city.. So many scents.. so many possible victims and prey...perhaps It did confuse the feline at times. He was still learning Tokyo. Of course though it probably wasn't expected of him to know it only a matter of a few short weeks. He'd take a deep breath, a purr lacing in with the breath that he drew before he'd exhale....taking in the scents of the city. He just stood there for the moment, leaning against his cane, using it for support for now as he looked around.. Then he made up his mind.. He'd move from the cane so he was no longer leaning upon it and begin to move once more.. Tap...tap...tap... That..and the scuffing of his paws against the snow were perhaps the only thing heard from him as he made his way along. He had yet learned how to nevigate in the snow silently..It was something he was still learning. He'd seem to scuff at himself now as he'd make his way along the road..deciding to walk right down the middle of it. And so what if he caused a wreck or two.. He didn't care. One hand held that cane tightly, yet gentle enough to avoid being sliced by the blade that lay under the beak of his cane..The tapping seeming to echo around him each time the bottom of the cane touched the ground. To be honest, he hadn't a clue where he was going. His good hand would rest behind his him perhaps an old man's appearance.. That hand behind his back being balled into a fist and resting agains the small of his back. Though to be frightfully honest about it, he didn't give a good god damn about how he looked. He'd sniff the air as he walked.. More scents.. this time...was that...perfume he smelled? He'd tilt his head to the side as he'd continue on the direction he was going. Cars swerved to miss him.. He'd just grin each time they swerved..

He'd pause again.. Something had gotten his attention. A car dealer ship would be not far off from where he stood in the street. He'd glance around before lazily crossing the road. The sign said closed. He'd wrinkle his nose. He didn't give a damn though. He'd walk right up onto the dealer ship grounds and begin to browse over the selection they had. It was a nice selection to say the least. A couple times the jaguar would pause, the finger tips of his free hand now caressing over the snow covered vehicles..leaving thin trails where his fingers had graced the cars he touched. He'd seem to be in deep thought as he paced from one side of the lot to the other..checking out each car very carefully. That's when he stopped at long last.. He was at the doors of the dealer ship... He wasn't a great fool.. even back home in Africa car companies were known for keeping the good ones in back show rooms. He'd carefully steady himself before he'd bring up his cane...the eagle head of the cane being brought back in swift motion only to come down in the same motion. The beak would connect with the glass..sending glass spraying inside the main office. He'd start knocking any glass left over off the door with the cane..being careful not to knock any out into his way. After all, he didn't need his feet sliced up. Tsotsi would suddenly seem to slip back into thought again as he'd carefully step forward...the cane being brought back down only for the bottom of it to tap the ground lightly. He'd reach a hand in now, and pull the lock upwards to unlock the door. With that, he'd let himself in, carefully pushing the door open and stepping around the shards of broken glass. Of course, now the alarms in the place were going off. But he was in no rush. In fact, he'd start to roam around checking out room after room till he found what he wanted. A jet black sports car was set up in one of the show rooms. He'd wander up to it..his hand running over the driver door before he'd open the door and get in. For a moment, he just sat there before reaching up and pulling down the sunvisor..keys landing in his lap.*

"These humans practically gift wrapped this.."

~It was about the only thing that he'd mutter to himself as he'd pop the key in the ignition and fire it up. For a second or two, he'd just listen to the car..listening to how it ran before he'd pop it in gear and floor it. The car would jerk forward violently before peeling across the floor of the show room and crashing through one of the walls. Of course now the car was damaged.He wasn't amused about that, but he didnt' care. He'd take off now, going anywhere..just not back to the dealer ship. His headlights, he'd never turn them on either.. mostly to keep cops from finding him should he need to go into back alleys. Perhaps this was his gift to himself. He'd take to running the back roads of Tokyo now..just driving. One could only learn so much on foot..But by car.. at least he'd get further.. and that's what he wanted. He worked for the Dragon Lords now. So in his warped mind, it only made sense that he needed to learn his way around one way or another. That's all there was to it. Simple as that. As such, he was in a way giving himself his own tour of the town in a stolen car. However, just because he had stolen a car it didn't mean that he had changed any.. He was still a psycho. He'd smile to himself as he'd run over a few pedestrians..listening to their pain filled cries..seeing the blood splatter across his wind shield. It made it all worth it in his mind. At one point he'd even run over a woman that was holding a child in her arms. After awhile, he'd finally pull out onto the main strip again, his headlights now on..and he'd run that for a couple minutes.. That's when he noticed a couple girls trying to flag down a taxi.. A sick mind grabbed his mind as he'd look at the steering wheel.. Oh this would work perfectly.. He'd pull up to the side of the street..his cane laying across his lap.~

"Evening ladies. Don't worry, I'm a taxi. Hop in. I'll even help you with any luggage you have."

~The girls would flash each other a worried look before deciding to get in. Tsotsi would get out and make his way to them, even being kind enough to open the back doors for the girls. As they climbed in, he's casually flip the child safety on each back door before tossing their belongings in the trunk. Now the fun was beginning. He'd get back in the driver side, laying the cane once more across his lap before the questions began from the pair in the back.~

Girl 1: So mister, why is your car banged up?

~Tsotsi would bow his head as he fired the car back up and pulled out from the curb and started going down the street.. Now how would he answer this? He'd think...but not too long. He didn't need these girls getting suspicious. He'd bring up one hand, stroking his chin before glancing in the rear-view mirror.~

"Oh, I was cut off this morning by a guy in a blazer. I'm just happy it still runs."

~A smile was flashed, his gaze back on the road. The other girl would go to speak, but the first one would cut her off and decide then to tell Tsotsi where she wanted to go. Tsotsi would just nod lightly as he'd round a corner. Though he was going the wrong way. He was heading towards the gang territories.. Past the street that went to The Dragon Lords.. even blowing past the Punks a little while later. The girls would start demanding he turned around..even threatening to jump out of the moving car. He'd snicker as he'd look up at them..the brim of his hat hanging over his eyes.~

"Oh go ahead. However I doubt you'll get anywhere, ladies."

~Now where was that warf.. He had seen it the night before while traveling.. Now he just needed to recall where he had seen the damn thing.His gaze would sweep over his surroundings swiftly as he drove along. Though he'd stop at a red light, grabbing a couple clothes that had been on the floor board from whoever had last cleaned the windows of the car. He'd growl as the girls would scream and cry..They were getting on his nerves.. so what came next, one could count it as a reflex.. Even though it really wasn't.. He would bring down a hand to each girl, slapping them both hard enough to knock them against the back of their seats, deep claw marks now lined their cheeks. With that, he'd stuff the rags in their mouths.~

"Now, make a peep and I'll kill you where you sit. Don't try anything cute either. Do I make myself clear, ladies?"

~No answer came, they were clinging to one another. He'd snarl before grabbing one of their hands.. His grasp going to the one girl's fingers..her middle finger no less. He'd grasp it and bend it backwards till a sickening snap was heard. The girl would try to scream in pain..but got nowhere.. She'd even start to struggle.. Though struggling would be her mistake...he'd twist that broken finger now till flesh actually began to tear. Once he had taken her finger, he'd turn around and pop in the cigarette lighter. It'd pop back out just as the light turned green. He'd grab it, then her hand once more and burn where her finger had broke off...sealing the injury..~

"Count that as a warning. The both of you."

~He'd put the lighter back and turn back in his seat, flooring it again. The car would peel out and take off down the street. It must have been an hour or so before he'd find the warf... The girls in the back had cried themselves to sleep..Perhaps that was a blessing in desquise for the feline. He'd pull off next to a fishing shack.. It looked like it hadn't been used in awhile..though the scents around the place were definitely fresh.. He'd have to work fast.. Something he liked. He was good at fast work. He'd get the girls out of the car... being careful not to wake them. With that, he'd turn the car on...his cane in his mouth held the way a dog would a stick. With that'd he'd put the car in neutral, picking the one girl back up as he got out of the car. With that, he'd push the car into the ocean before taking the girls inside. This was his way or erasing every trace of what had transpired thus far. Once inside, he'd lay the girls on the floor and go back to the door and shut it. For a moment, he stared at if trying to decide upon something. He'd spit his cane out of his mouth muttering something in his home language before he'd lock the door and put the cane to the floor, limping over to them. Several hours would pass..Tsotsi now had them tied up.. Gags made of old fish scale covered rope were in their mouths...their feet tied to their chairs. and their hands tied out in front of them. He'd wander over to a counter finding dice.. Now he waited.. They woke up alright..unable to scream...unable to leave. A cruel smile would grace his muzzle as he'd lay the dice on a table in front of them.~

"I want to play a game... However, I don't want to play alone.. so you're going to play with me. On the counter over there are the scores..and what each number means for you both."

~The girls would exchange worried glances before he'd approach the girl that questioned him about his car. His furry fingers would lace into her lovely blond hair as he'd snap her head backwards so she was forced to look into his eyes.. She cried as she squirmed. She didn't want to look him in the eye.. But it wasn't like she had a choice currently.~

"I think you're first. Roll those dice, girl."

~He'd give an impatient look, watching her. The girl would whimper as her hair was let go of.. and she'd pick up the dice rolling them... The number that came up would be five.. Tsotsi would make a tsking sound as he'd glance over at the paper that wasn't far off from him.. A sick grin would curl his lips as he'd make his way over to the girl across from the blond.. a girl with bright orange braided pig tails. He'd look over at the blond as he'd bring up the beak of the cane and swing it. The beak, the hidden blade under it would connect with the orange haired girl's knee.. The beak alone would shatter the knee cap..but the blade would rip her flesh wide open. He'd laugh now watching them.. Oh how scared they looked right now. And the orange haired girl... The pain etched into her eyes.. to him it was priceless. He'd lick the blood from the beak of the cane after he had pulled it away...his gaze going back to the blond.~

"You roll again."

~The blond would timidly grab them. She was terrified.. All she could do was attempt to mouth the words that she was sorry to her friend as the dice were rolled.. The number three would come up. Tsotsi would snicker.. Ooo he liked that number. He'd wander off for a moment, vanishing into the bathroom only to come out a short moment later with piece of metal shaped like a T. He'd look around.. a blow torch catching his attention. He'd snicker and fire it up, heating up the T shaped metal. When he was done, he'd shut off the torch and approach the green haired girl, dropping the seering hot metal down her top and pressing it down with some wash clothes he found in the bathroom. Of course she tried to scream as the T was branded into her chest. But it was hard with that rope stuffed in her mouth. He'd grin as he watched her. Such a lovely sight to behold. He'd look down at the girl now...~

"Well miss orange, it's your turn."

~He'd slide the dice to her carefully. A cruel smile would touch his lips as he watched her. At first she refused.. Upon her refusal, he'd bring up a fist and punch her in the mouth causing the rope to slide further into her mouth.. Probably not a good thing because now it was closer to her throat. But she'd start crying and do as told.. What she rolled.. Tsotsi's eyes would seem to light up with mischeif as he'd watch the dice come to a hault..~

"Snake eyes.. Not a good roll.. What a pity..I was just starting to enjoy this."

~Once more he seemed to wander off.. Though he came back awhile later with a fishing harpoon. He stood behind the blond.. Silently just standing there as he took in her scent..Then it came.. The spear would come slicing through the back of her skull and out the other side. The girl on the other side would scream as loud as she could before throwing up. But the rope in her mouth.. it prevented most of it from getting out. The rope would also slide back further causing her to start to choke. Tsotsi would stand back now as he pocketed the paper with the playing instructions to this little game into one of his coat pockets. It wasn't long, that choking green haired girl would be dead too. Now came the final part.. Getting rid of the bodies. He'd push them out of their chairs..deciding to leave them as they were.. However he would clean up any hints of himself.. even taking the dice with him. Once he was done, he'd sneak out the back and be gone.. Or be gone as far as a limping man can be. He'd stick to back alleys now and back roads..mostly to avoid the heat in case the cops had been called in. Now the direction he was heading, it would seem he was heading to the one place he called home.. the hideout.. But he'd turn off suddenly.. He didn't really know where he was going.. Unaware that he was going in the direction of The Geisha and the red light district.

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