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Holiday Cheer & A Party To Boot

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:39 am    Post subject: Holiday Cheer & A Party To Boot  Reply with quote

[ Hades Nephilim-Sidhe Tenebrae ]
-Loyal Member / Assassin For The Yakuza-
"When this began, I was nothing more than a
child.. A teenager. I dropped out of high school
when I thought I was to be a father.. Ha.. Joke was
on me.. But it's in the past.. Instead, I am here.. I serve
the girls proudly. Christine, Carrie.. Just give the word. And it's done."
{ Theme: Change by Deftones & The Noose by A Perfect Circle }

*Red hair fell over green eyes as she straightened out her dress in front of the full length mirror. She had promised she'd at least make an appearance... Even if only in so few of words. Carrie would lower her hands once she was content on her dress being in the place it was supposed to be. Her hands then going for A green and red hair clip. The clip had a big fluffy bow on it of red, and a green bit of holly in the center with tinsle attached to it. Her dress matched what she wore. It was an ankle length dress, slits up the sides to nearly her hips. But nothing too revealing. Long sleeves were split up the top, and held delicately together with red and green ribbon and at the shoulder, she sported the same decoration as the one on her hair bow. The dress snugging her in the right spots, but not to the point to make her look trashy. Once she had her hair up, she'd grab a brush, giving it a quick brushing to make sure it looked good, before grabbing the curling iron to curl her bangs.

Upstairs on the final level of the Yakuza, another would be found.. Hiro was in his office, getting ready to go as well. Although he required less time to get ready, he had over slept. He'd be currently in front of a small mirror hanging on the wall. His hands working at a tie as he adjusted it, making sure it looked alright, before he'd turn and head over to his desk. Paper work could wait for tonight.. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to get out and maybe relax for a little while. It wasn't often the demon allowed himself to relax, but tonight would be the exception. Once at his desk, he'd pull open a drawer, getting out a comb and go to work on his long silver hair. Making sure it wasn't matted from falling asleep earlier at his desk. When he was content, the comb was lain down on a stack of papers, before he'd turn to walk out. Once out, he'd adjust his tie a bit more, pulling the door shut before heading off down the hall and towards the elevators. Knee length hair waving lightly behind him as he walked. The way he was dressed tonight, was much the same as any other night.. A white suit and off blue tie-thing. His hair as always, left down, never pulled back.. Tucked lightly behind faintly pointed ears.

On another floor in the dorm like apartment-rooms, another would be found. Hades would be currently raking his fingers through his hair. He was ready to go.. He was just, dragging his feet one might say. The cat anthro would flatten his small pointed ears at his reflection. So far... It looked alright.. Though he just wasn't sure. His gaze dropped to the t-shirt he wore tonight... A shirt that was bright red, sporting a brightly colored Christmas tree... It really wasn't his type of style.. He honestly would have worn a black shirt.... But this had been a gift. A gift he had promised to wear. Though make no mistake, the Greek man wasn't exactly fond of it. He'd turn, grabbing his white leather jacket, pulling it on. On his lower half, he wore a pair of black jeans. A black belt holding them in place and as usual, his black shoes. Blue eyes would be shifted to his reflection one more time... At least the shirt could be hidden with the coat being zipped. And that thought, he'd quickly zip it up.. The bottom of the tucked in shirt still shown.. But at least the tree was covered.. He'd turn and leave his bedroom after that, going down the narrow hallway. And once at his door, he'd open it and step out into the hallway, before moving to the railing that over looked the first floor of the Yakuza. Silently, Hades wondered who all would be at the party tonight. Though he wouldn't let his mind linger on it for long. He'd move to the steps and head down them before moving to the main entrance of the Yakuza. Once outside, he'd turn and start to walk up the street, deciding to go by foot. His hands being stuffed into the pockets of his coat.

Across town at a small apartment, another would be just leaving to go to his motorcylce.. Yes.. mid winter.. Snow falling.. And Chaos choose to ride a bike. He'd rise his body heat enough to where he'd stay warm as he mounted and popped the keys in. Black and blond hair would be pulled back tonight into a loose pony tail, allowing it to fan out over the top of his head as usual to create a mixed effect of color. Tonight, he'd be clothed in a simple black silk shirt.. The three top buttons left undone and a pair of black pants. Over his top, he wore a black leather jacket. The collar upturned to keep the cold off his neck. All his piercings tonight would be in tonight.. Even the gage in his right ear. Dark eyes stared at the ignition before he'd fire the bike up, the kickstand coming up before he'd peel out and was gone.

At the Goths, Gieran would move over to the tree. He'd give a quick look around before dropping down to his knees, and snatching up a gift. He'd give another quick look around.. And almost like an over grown kid, the blond would give the gift a shake, his ear going to not far from the gift as he listened. Yep.. Gieran had gotten curious.. Though while he was inspecting the gifts, Sango would come up behind him. A smirk touching the vampiress' lips as she'd tap his shoulder before standing back.*

Sango: ...Gieran.. I'm surprised at you..

~It was spoken teasingly.. Much the way an older sister would taunt their younger siblings. Gieran would blink up at her, a look of 'I'm not doing nothing...' crossing his features before he'd place the gift down and stand. His hands folding casually behind his back, a coy grin touching his lips.~

Gieran: What? Not allowed to see if Jase is here hiding in an animal form?

~Oh yeah... That was real smooth. As Jase wasn't even there yet. Anyone that knew his scent could have said that much. But Gieran was playing it off as that was what he was doing. Sango would go to speak, but her attention would go to Loki as he called out for help hanging some last minute decorations. While she was distracted, Gieran would snicker slightly before slipping off and up towards the steps. Hey.. Off  the hook, he wouldn't argue with that. Sango would turn to look at Gieran only to find that he was gone. She'd blink a few times before moving over to help Loki set up the last of the mistletoe and the last of the tinsel.

Across the room, Spike would be be found. The blond currently passed out on the couch, having returned from feeding not so long ago. Just his way to sleep off having over fed. The vampire would be sprawled out on the couch, though facing the back of it. His hands over his face as he slept.

In the kitchen, one would find several members. Kailash would be among those. The one eyed wolf shifter was currently busy setting up a table with food. Black hair lay over his particially bandaged face as he picked up a plate of various types of food, moving it over to the table. Tonight, he wouldn't be in his usual low riding pants and belly shirt. Nope.. He instead wore a tight fitting mini skirt and a matching tube top. Both of a silk fabric and of a deep blue.His jacket would be draped over a chair so he wouldn't over heat as he worked. Bare feet moving quietly over the tiled floor. Not far from him, another would be helping him set up food. Although Sione seemed more focused on snagging bits of it rather than actually helping to set up.

Seated at a nearby table, Ram would be found. Gieran had bribed him into coming out. Honestly, Ram would have been happier sealed away in his room back at the Crimson Dragons. The holidays were always depressing for him.. He lost his son after Christmas.. But Gieran had been convinced it'd do Ram some good to get out and maybe have some fun rather than stay cooped up. So far, Ram was just staying where he had been since he arrived. The only times he moved from that spot was either for the restroom or to get a refill on his coffeee. Bleach blond, black streaked hair fell over silverish blue eyes as he stared down into his nearly empty cup. The night was still quite young.. He wondered just how wild this party would get tonight. Parties hosted by his dear cousin tended to get that way. Especially when everyone was having a blast.

Out in a sitting area, couches had been moved clear up against walls, end tables and the like moved to storage and a sterio brought out so people had more places to dance... And to mingle. Off to the right, up against a far wall, a table had been set up with booze along side the gang's private bar area. Dejan would be currently moving bottles about, just rearranging them.. Making them easier to find. The husky's tail swaying slowly behind him as he worked. When he finished, he'd turn on his bare feet and move up to the one of the couches that had been pushed to a wall, only to flop over onto it. Basically deciding to lounge.

Upstairs in the library, Sage would be found laying on the floor. Another book in his hands as he quietly read. The book he had this time was The Queen Of The Damned. He'd roll onto his back, the book held up not far from his face as he lay there reading. His bit was done... He hung mistletoe upstairs in the majority of the doorways. He had been helping Loki till Loki had stopped to talk to one of the others in the gang. He had gotten bored waiting and had wandered off.. This was the result.. Sage once more, comfortable in the library, reading.

Pulling up outside, one of the party goers would arrive.. Emilian. A parrot anthro. He'd step from his car, smoothing out his feathery, dread laced hair before plopping his usual rainbow beanie on his head. He'd for the entrance of the Goths after that. Though he didn't come empty handed either.. The drug dealer brought with him the usual array of mixed goodies in baggies in his pockets. And he wouldn't be arriving alone. When he got out, a fruit bat anthro would get out from the passenger side. She had hitched a ride with him. It was so cold, Saedie hadn't wanted to walk to the hideout.

At the Black Dragons, Cassie would grab Yukio by the hand. A smile touching the girl's lips as she'd try and tug her sire to his feet. Yukio would pull his hand away and go back to reading his brail book.~

Yukio: I told you, I'm not going, Cassie. If you wish to go, than by all means, do so. How much fun would I honestly be at the party? I can't see any of the games played.. Nor can I see the stupid things people will be doing once drunk. I'd be a buzz kill... Go.. Have fun.

~He'd feel along the page till he found the corner of the page. Once he had it, he'd turn the page. Cassie would huff at him. Her arms crossing over her chest as she watched him.~

Cassie: Fine.. Stay here, bro. I'm going. My cousin is hosting it.. I'm not missing it.

~She'd turn to walk out.. Yukio would sit still a moment..Listening to the fading footsteps as she left the room.. And listening to the door when it went shut. He'd shrug before going back to his book. And Cassie, she'd head down the steps and out towards the door, nodding to anyone in the main sitting area.

At the Black Flames, another would be preparing for a night out. Normally, she would have preferred to have stayed home.. But maybe she could try and go this time.. Large groups made her uneasy.. But tonight, she was willing to try and work past it. Though that was just it.. She could only try. She'd step up to the mirror. Her usual outfit of all black would be put aside for tonight. At the moment, she wore a mini skirt and cute top. She'd stare at it.. Giving an unsure look before stripping out of it and going back to her closet. She'd rummage a moment before pulling free a silk blue dress. For a moment, she just stood there with it, biting thoughtfully at her bottom lip. Okay.. She could do this... She'd move away from the closet and pull it on, muttering a soft spell under her breath to aid in zipping the dress up. The dress was a floor length one. Low cut in the front, but not enough to show too much. And held up by dainty straps. It was a light blue dress.. The only dark color on it would be the darker blue silk sash piece that went around her small waist. She'd stare at her reflection.. Again, there was unease.. Unsure of how people would be looking at her. But she couldn't back out of this... She had promised herself she'd go through with this. She promised herself that she would at least try to handle being around the large group. She'd take a deep breath and move over to sit at the vanity in her room. She'd start to braid her long silver hair after that. Though she'd do something different with her braid than normal. She'd weave into it, red and green ribbons. At the bottom of the braid, she'd tie the two tone ribbons together into a slightly large bow before standing. Though she wasn't ready just yet... Shoes... She needed shoes... And her usual boots just wouldn't cut it. Not when she was trying to look nice.

Over at the Crimson Dragons, Kalika would be currently on the phone with his brother Kay. He had promised he'd catch up with everyone at the party. But first, he wanted to call Cho and his brother. Kay unfortantely, he could barely understand. Kay had come down with the flu and sounded like a he had swallowed a squeak toy. He'd promise he'd be safe and that he'd be over in the morning to visit as he sat down on the bottom of the steps to the second floor.

Upstairs, another would be well on her way to getting ready to leave. Purple hair would fall over honey colored eyes as she kneeled down to buckle the straps to her heels. Tonight Joruri was deciding to take a little break from her usual routine. A soft hum being given as she went about getting ready. Once her heels were buckled, the busty wolf shifter would stand, straightening out the satin lavender dress she wore. Tonight, she'd have her hair down and done in spiraling curls that went down to nearly her waist. She'd pause to look in the mirror one more time. Last minute primping before she'd turn and head for her door. It was a cold night.. So chances were, she wouldn't be walking. She'd probably drive.. Or just a hitch a ride with whoever was already going. Though just in case, she'd grab her purse, dropping her keys down into it before stepping outside and pulling the door shut behind herself. As she approached the door, she'd pause, looking down at the skunk anthro that was currently on the phone. A soft smile touched her lips... last she knew, her friend was talking about going.. So she'd slip down the stairs, pausing once she got to the bottom to sign to him 'are you going still?'. When he nodded, she'd smile and sign to him 'let me know when you're ready. I'll hitch a ride with you'. With that, she'd go sit out in the kitchen. And the only reason she had used sign language was to keep from interupting his call.

At the VK, Ian would be busy hunting for his coat. He was certain he had lain it on the chair closest to the door... But now it seemed to be missing. He'd frown as he'd move his search to the kitchen.. Maybe he had left it there... He was starting to think of just going in his rabbit form... Hopping his way to the Goths... Though he'd shake the thought away.. He was determined to find that coat..

And from the Underground, two of the Underground racers would be making their way to the Goths. A pair of siblings. Kioko and Michio. Michio would be found in the passenger seat, slumped down, his feet crossed at the ankles as he sat nestled comfortably. At the moment, he was sleeping. The nineteen year old would be clothed in a white t-shirt, tucked into blue jeans and a black leather coat, left open. And of course his feet would be covered in biker styled boots. Light brown hair lay over closed soft brown eyes. This meant that his twin sister was the one doing the driving. She hadn't really bothered to get all dressed up.. Though she was still dressed nicely. Long light brown hair would be pulled into a pony tail that left bangs to hang down to frame her face. She wore a simple green top, tied in the front to hold it shut, which also meant it showed her slender tummy. Around her neck, she wore a black choker with a small mistletoe shaped charm on it. On either wrist, she'd sport two golden bracelets. And on her lower half, she wore a black leather mini skirt, and on her feet, green heels. It didn't take her long at all to reach their destination. The yellow sports car would pull to a stop outside after she found a parking place. And once parked, and the car shut down, she'd reach over, giving her brother a gentle shake to wake him.~

Kioko: Michio, wake up. We're here.

~She'd shake him again, to which he'd swat at her hand. She'd frown and shake him again. This time he'd stretch and look at her with a 'what' look. She'd smile lightly and motion to the Goth hideout. The moment he spotted it, he'd be working on getting the door open to get out. And she'd smile, following suit out the driver door. Once out, she'd shut her door and wait for her brother to do the same. Which didn't take long at all. In fact, he'd shut it the second he was clear of it and go right for the entrance of the hideout. And Kioko would lock the car up, setting the alarm on it before following suit herself. The key to the car being dropped down into a pocket of her skirt.

And lasty, over at the Purple Dragons, another would be putting the finishing touches on her outfit. Blond hair would be pulled up into a cascading pony tail of spiral curls. A poinsetta flower would be on the right side of her head, attached to a hair clip. And the hair tie holding her hair up in the pony tail would be covered by a soft red ribbon, tied into a delicate looking bow. She had worked hard at the curls and on getting her hair just right. The dress of choice tonight, would be a red velvet, off the shoulders/strapless dress. The top of the dress would have white fluff of fake fur going around it as would the bottom of the dress. On her ankles would be matching white fur cuffs with little jingle bells attached to them, matching fur bracelets adorned either wrist. Red, spike heeled, high heels adorned her feet.

Angelina would smile to herself as she'd slip a red choker around her neck. A little reigndeer dangling from it. Once she was content with her outfit, she'd spritz a little perfume on and head out of her room. She had a special destination in mind at the moment. Oh sure, she planned on going to the party.. But she wanted to stop in somewhere else first. A playful little smile soon took her lips as he found herself outside of Vid's office/computer area. Soft brown eyes would sparkle with mischief.. For once, she didn't have her color changing contacts in. As usually, she'd sport blue eyes... But tonight, she had decided to let her true eye color be seen. She'd do as she always did.. She wouldn't knock.. She'd instead quietly slip inside, pushing the door shut quietly behind herself before making her way up behind Vid. Though tonight, she wouldn't do as she normally would.. Rather than go right over and slip onto his lap, she'd stand back just a little bit.

"Evening Vid.."

Now she'd stand quietly.. Waiting to see what he'd do. The whole time, she tried to keep from smiling.. But it failed. Though rather than looking like her usual, mischievous self, she'd actually have a soft, almost gentle smile on her lightly red painted lips.~

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