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Rival Christmas Cheer

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:01 pm    Post subject: Rival Christmas Cheer  Reply with quote

[ Korekiyo Oshin Tatsuno ]
-Leader Of The Shinigami Lords-
-Oldest Son To Kichibei Tatsuno-
"There are so many things I hear on
a daily basis.. From insults of those who
for one reason or another don't like me, to the
words of beautiful women on the corner calling out
to me. Some say I'm rude.. Some say I'm a prick, but
would you like to know what I think of other's opinions of me?
I just don't give a fuck. I take what I want, I do as I please.. I say
exactly what's on my mind.. And if you don't like it, and feel you have
a problem with who I am and the way I am, well.. You can go jump in Tokyo Bay."
{ Theme: Getting Away With Murder Papa Roach & I Stand Alone by Godsmack }

*The Goths weren't the only ones hosting a party tonight. Across town on the 'bad' side, another party would be getting ready to start. It was this very party that had a certain crow shifter standing in front of the full length mirror in his bedroom, at his little apartment. He still lived only a few blocks up from the Punks. He'd lean in, making kissie faces only to giggle before pulling back. He'd look over his outfit.. Maybe a dress would have been better.. Though he wasn't sure. His hands would go down to smooth out the deep purple, crush velvet mini skirt he wore tonight. Well... It looked good.... But in his eyes, there was something missing. He'd stare at his reflection seeming to think hard on it before he'd grin and run to his closet. Blond and black hair falling over his face as he'd stand on tip toe, rummaging through his closet. Then he found it.. An over-half skirt. He'd gently pull the lighter shade of purple fabric down. It was a lacy fabric, little silk bons adorning the sides of it. He'd smile and move back to the mirror, pulling it on and tying the little loops of the skirt to his purple and pink diamond studded belt. It was open in the front, showing the velvet skirt he already wore, but the back draped down to nearly the floor. The lace in the back creating various different shapes of snowflakes. The over-skirt even glittered when the light hit it. Content with the skirt, he'd turn his focus on his top. He wore a matching, spegehtti strap top, that shown off his glittering belly button piercings.

He'd stare at his reflection before he'd move over picking up detachable sleeves of a soft purple, see through silk. He'd slip the fabric over his arms, muttering a soft spell to be able to tie them in place properly. The sleeves would drape dramatically from his arms in a billowy fashion. And where they were tied, he'd easily conceal with a matching lacy choker of deep purple. Satisified with the look, he'd do a little twirl in front of the mirror... Something was still missing though.. He'd look at his feet and legs only to giggle at himself.. Shoes... He had forgotten his shoes. So Aiki would move over to his closet once more, rummaging through the bottom of it till he found what he wanted. Heeled boots that went to about just below his knees, and matched the outfit he wore. He'd move over to his bed, sitting down to pull them on. Once on, he'd quickly lace them up and tie  them at the top. That done, he'd get up and leave his bedroom.

He'd move into the bathroom now. Once there, he'd pick up his brush and go about styling his hair. Which really didn't take him long at all. Baby blue eyes watched how he moved his hair. And once he had it where he wanted it, he'd pick up a little purple heart hair clip, clipping it in at the side of his head, just to be cute. Then he'd move onto makeup. When he was content with it all, he'd step back and grab a can of glitter spray and go back to his room so he could use the full length mirror. He'd put a little glitter in his hair before giving his top a quick spritz. Nothing over the top, but enough to go give it a soft sparkle. That done, he'd set the can down on his dresser and leave his room. Deoderant and his favored body mist already on, and fully ready to go, he just needed to find his keys. Which didn't take him long. They were right where he had left the night before, on his tv. He'd pick them up and slip them into a hidden pocket before leaving the house. Once outside, he'd shift to his crow form and fly towards the Punk hideout, deciding to see if Izaak was going.

Already on his way, another would be found out and about tonight. A certain armadillo anthro. He was currently rolling down the street, using the spikes his body to push him along through the snow. For him, this was much easier than slipping and sliding on the icy streets and sidewalks. Perhaps it'd be odd to see a red armadillo ball, with spikes going from the head to the tip of the tail, bat wing shaped spikes at the end, rolling down the street.. The rest of him all balled up to where no-one would be able to see facial features or hair, but to Damien, this was the best way to travel. Especially in the winter. While some drove, some walked... or in some cases, flew... Damien was happy to be an oddball... And even happier to just roll along.

At the Punks, another would be getting ready. Kenji be just putting on the last part of his outfit.. His shirt. He'd tug it down into place before giving a tired stretch. He had been up nearly all night with a sick child. Keltan would be asleep at the moment... Which was good.. Would make it easier for the one hired to watch him.. That being Scarlet. Once he had his shirt on, he'd quickly pull on his shoes, before moving over to Keltan's crib, scooping up the sleeping two year old. With that, he'd move out of the room and head downstairs. When he got where he was going, he'd stop in front of Scarlet, clearing his throat to get her attention. She'd blink as she turned away from talking with another member only to find herself suddenly holding the child.*

Kenji: Keep good watch on him. He's still sick.

~Did he honestly trust the woman? Not really. He knew the stories about the she-bitch. But.. He didn't know really who he could leave the kid with.. So he picked one of the other Punks to watch over the kid. Scarlet would stare at the sleeping bundle a moment before moving over to a couch and laying Keltan down, before flopping down on the floor to watch tv. And Kenji, he'd watch her a moment before turning and leaving.

Upstairs, Pat would be busy getting ready. His fluffy tail would flick happily as he moved to pull on a white shirt. The long sleeves of it done in red and white like that of a candycane. Matching toeless stockings adorned his legs, stopping just below his knees. Black boots adorned his feet, stopping short of where the stockings stopped, allowing some of the stockings to be seen. On his lower half, he wore a pair of candycane colored shorts with little mistletoe dangling from them. And tonight, he'd actually break the usual color of his hair. While it remained black, the usual purple tips would be instead red and green. And the frame of his glasses would be fitted with tiny bits of tinsel decorations. He'd move over to his bed, flopping down and then laying back... Just lounging for a moment as he tried to get the get-up-and-go to get the energy up to leave. He was still tired from the party the night before.. Well not much of a party.. But more so partying at the Rave till he was so drunk he couldn't stand on his own.

Down the hall in another room, Sean would be still deciding on clothes. Leather pants were already part of it.. But his shirt was what he was unsure of. The mute were-lion would stare at what he had to choose from. Crimson eyes darting over the selection. He'd tap his lips in thought as he picked up one shirt.. He'd ponder a moment before realizing it had blood stains on it from his last job. The blood had never come fully out of it. He'd frown, tossing it to the floor.. He wanted to look at least.. somewhat nice.. Not a fashion show.. But he didn't want to show up looking like trash either.. He'd silently move his lips in a silent bitching at himself before picking up an AC/DC shirt, deciding on wearing it. He'd pull it on before grabbing his shoes and leaving the room.

Already making her way over to the Bloody Reveries, Selena would be found on a motorcycle. She hadn't bothered really getting dressed up.. For her, Christmas was just another day. So it was her usual of low rider jeans, belly shirt/tank top, sneakers and of course her usual sun visor. Though with it being cold, she also wore a parka.. And she even had her fighting gloves with her. The black gloves attached to her belt for safe keeping. Long, nearly hip length hair would be pulled into a loose braid to keep it from her face as she drove.

At the Bloody Reveries, Promise would pick up a magazine, thumping Masato on the head lightly. A look of 'don't start with me' crossing her features. Masato would laugh, trying to get the book from her again.~

Masato: Damn it, Promise. I was only joking. Give it back!

~Promise would wrinkle her nose as she stepped back. A smirk soon taking her lips before she'd hold the gun magazine to herself. For a moment, she just watched him... As if contemplating n what she wanted to do to him. Since he had started the whole thing by hitting her first. Even if only playfully.~

Promise: Oh I dunno, Sato... I might just keep it... Keep up to date on all the latest weapons. I've actually been needing a new gun now that I think about it...

~She'd fight back a giggle, trying to come off as serious. Though Masato would stare at her before suddenly tackling her and trying to wrestle it from her hands. She'd give a startled squeal before clawing the floor, trying to get away. When that didn't work, she'd stretch out her free arm as far as she could.. When her hand bumped a gift, she'd grab the bow from it and stick it on Masato's nose. When Masato toppled backwards in surprise, Promise would scamper to her feet, laughing hysterically. In all honesty, she treated him like a brother.~

Promise: That's a good look for you!

~Masato would glare up at her after he got the bow off his nose. Then he'd be on his feet.~

Masato: Ooooo! Wait till I get my hands on you, Promise! I'll cover you in bows!

~She'd stare at him a moment before turning and running. And the first person she went to, would be Gisei. She'd dive behind him, looking up at him.~

Promise: Gisei! Hide me! Hide me! He's gonna put bows all over me!

~Her voice came out in a fit of giggles, as she tried to hide behind the leader.

In the main sitting area, Lin would be found curled up on the couch. A small green snake would be found curled around her shoulders as she sat conversing with whoever was near by. Every now and then, the naga woman would pause to look at the door.. Just wondering who all would show up at this party. In all honesty, she wasn't going to show up.. But Aerith had talked her into showing up.. Well Aerith and Kohana. Kohana would be who knows where.. Though Lin was content to stay at the couch for the time being. Just relaxing and talking with whoever was near by.

In the kitchen, another would be found.. Kirai. Yes, the well mannered demon was at the moment pilfering cookies from a tray. Generally, he would stay at the Dragon Lord hideout... But not tonight. A party meant possible sweet items to try... Like alcohols and food. And he did love sweet stuff. Which was showing... As at the moment, he was snagging sugar cookies. A little plate full of them and a few brownies, he'd move over to a get a glass of sweet tea. Though he'd add more sugar to it... Not that it needed it.. He just liked it extra sweet. Once he had what he wanted, he'd move off to the main sitting area to find a place to sit and people watch. And to of course enjoy the sweets.

Just arriving, another Dragon Lord would come strolling in.. That being Koin. The syndicate drunk. He'd wander in, knocking the snow from his shoes before he'd shrug his coat off to hang it up. As always when he came visiting, he would show respect for the Muso family and their home. And as promised, he wouldn't drive tonight. He had actually walked there. He'd move over to a chair, settling down there for the time being, deciding to relax a moment and warm up from walking over.

Upstairs in the computer lab, Kyuso would be found. His hands moving quickly over his keyboard as he worked on hacking a few files of the Crimson Dragons. Blond hair hung down over his face.. A lolli-pop in his mouth as usual as he worked. Yes.. Christmas day.. And during a party, he was working away.  It wasn't that he didn't want to be part of the party, he had forgotten. Something that tended to happen when he got really focused on something.

Outside, two more would be showing up. They'd get out of a black sports car. When the doors went shut, Kore would hit the lock down button on his key to the car before turning on the alarm. The key then pocketed. He'd smirk over to his friend. White hair would fall over his face as the tan skinned, blue clad man moved to head for the door. Usually Kore was more of a bar hopping type.. But with the promise of a party, well he couldn't turn it down. Kore would be clothed simple... One of his usual sleeveless blue jump suit type of deals (see pic), with the criss-crossing belts. And of course the bands on his arms and wrists. And as always, his hair would be left down. Never did he pull it back.  On his feet, brown boots would be found.~

"Tonight should be fun.."

~Kiyo would give a faint smile to his gang leader. Kiyo wasn't like his friend.. Kore was full of smiles... Usually vicious ones.. Where as Kiyo was just a cold, straight faced type who rarely ever even shown hints of emotion. Though for tonight, he was content to give rather faint smiles.~

Kiyo: I certainly hope so. You did after all pull me from my work, you know?

~Platinum blond hair fell over the thunder demon's face as he moved along beside his friend. When they reached the door, he'd step back, allowing Kore to go in first before following suit. Looking at Kiyo, there would be a big difference in the way he was clothed, in comparrison to his friend. Kiyo wore a business suit as always. Tonight it'd be a black suit with a white shirt. The only thing Christmas-y on him would his candycane colored tie. Silver rimmed glasses, as always, would be found resting on the bridge ofh his nose. And rather long platinum blond hair would be pulled into a rather loose braid. Loose enough that stray strands did frame his face. The braid held together with a simple black hair band.~

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