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The Return Of Trouble

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:08 am    Post subject: The Return Of Trouble  Reply with quote

[ Salem Enyeto-Hinun Wichado ]
-Member Of The Hell's Angels-
-Older Brother Of Sabarika Wichado-
-Father Of Adrian & Tybera Wichado-
"Life is just a ride.. A never ending road.
You never know what could happen.. And
I take this all in stride everyday.. And I never
know what's ahead for me.. You say I should slow
down.. Fuck that.. Where's the fun in that? I live my life
wild and free.. Something you could never understand..Now
get out of my way.. I got somewhere to be..Death to those who try
to stop me.. I feel no remorse.. And I see no reason to either. Watch me."
{ Theme: Highway To Hell by AC/DC & Long Hard Road Outta Hell by Marilyn Manson }
*The years had passed since his last time in Tokyo.. Or was it months rather than years? Ah what did it matter.. He was back. The sound of the bike's engine echoed down the empty side street as he turned down an alley and then cut across a main road. From here, he'd cut through the park, driving over the sidewalk. Not caring who he possibly put in danger. He got so far, before he'd turn up into the woods. Once deep enough in, he'd come to a near stop. For a moment, he'd remove one hand from the handle bars, and push something wrapped in heavy black plastic from the back of his bike. Once the 'object' was off his bike, he'd be gone. Up through the weeds, and various other foliage, and back out into the park proper. From there.. He'd take to the road again.

Hours ticked by after that. He was certain come morning, some poor sap would be finding rather.. who he had ditched in the park's more heavily forested area. Not like he honestly cared. He'd pull up to the Dragon Lord syndicate, cutting the engine. The kickstand was dropped, keys pocketed and he'd dismount. A yellow storebag that had a bag of mcdonalds' food tucked inside it, untied and laid on the seat. Once the bag was out of his hands, he'd pull his helmet off and lay it on the metal bar on the back of the bike. After which, the yellow bag was snatched back up and he'd head inside.

Bare feet moved over the cold pavement, small claws clicking with each step. When he got to the door, he'd slip inside. It was good to be back.. Well at least he viewed it as good. Then again, there were only two places that he frequented when he was around.. That being here, and the Twin Dragons. Although coming to see Tatsu was perhaps his favorite thing to do. In Salem's eyes, the naga was a good friend.

He'd push greasy black hair out of his eyes as he entered the main room. When he spotted Koin, he'd hand the bag to the drunkard.. Something he sometimes do, was to give food to Koin. Not because he had to, or though he should, but just to be nice. Koin was another of those he saw as a friend in the syndicate. A good drinking buddy at least. And for Tatsu, he had the usual delivery on hand.. Er well.. rather in his leather jacket.*

"There's something in there for your brother too."

~He'd shrug his jacket off. No point in wearing the thing while inside. This revealed the bandages he wore under his black tank top a bit more. Yes, cold outside, and he was running around not only barefoot but in a tank top as well.

"Oh, is Tatsu around?"

~There was a hopeful smile. Koin would look up, giving a little nod.~

Koin: Shamie will get it when ever he gets back. I think he went out to the Geisha again. And.. I think so.. Dunno though.. He might be..

~Salem would blink at him, shaking his head slightly. Okay.. So asking the drunkard was probably.. a stupid idea. What could Koin possibly tell him anyway? So he'd decide to find a spot to sit for the moment.~

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