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Danger In Waiting

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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2014 1:40 am    Post subject: Danger In Waiting  Reply with quote

[ Tsotsi Yebo-Wali Zamounim ]
-Psychotic Male Jaguar Anthro-
-Loyal Member Of The Dragon Lords-
"Their blood.. It's innocent blood.. But I
wonder... What is innocent blood for..If not
for shedding? And women.. They have only one
purpose in life... To please us.. To bend over, shut up
and smile.. Then carry the children to populate the world. And
then.. They're only good for killing.. Once that purpose is served, there
is no use for them.. Perhaps my views are cruel.. But that's how I see the world."
{ Theme: Beast Loose In Paradise by Lordi & When You're Evil by Voltaire }
*Blood was licked from orange, black spotted hands as he leaned against the window frame.. The docks of Tokyo Bay had proven.. useful since his arrival. His favorite.. hunting ground if you will.. A low purr escaped him as he finished cleaning his hands. So much work was done tonight.. Ah, but of course.. This was only the beginning.. The night was young after all. Cold, dark blue orbs would shift from the window, eyeing the little table at the far end of the small shack he currently occupied. Body parts were strewn about.. Blood soaked the table, deeply staining the old wooden table. No.. He hadn't eaten his victim.. But he did have fun chopping the poor fool up..

He'd reach over to the window sill, picking up his machette blade, sliding it into the top half of the cane to form the bottom. Once done, he'd be on his feet and he'd limp over to the remains.. Now.. he could just leave them this way.. Although, he did have a slightly better idea.. As this shack was among his favorites to work in.. He'd look over his handy work for a moment, thinking.. After a brief moment or so, a sick grin would curl his blood stained muzzle as he'd turn and head to a cupboard over a few counters.. This was usually used by local fishermen to put beer and the like away.. But for this feline, he used it for something much different. He'd open up the first door, pulling down a burlap bag before moving back to his work. The blood, he honestly didn't give a shit about.. And why should he? Fish bled... He somehow doubted any normal fisherman would suspect the blood for human. He'd set to picking up the pieces of flesh and limbs.

Only when Tsotsi had finished, would he straighten himself and grab his cane once more. Always so careful of the hidden blade in the bird topper of the cane. With that, he'd leave. Hours ticked by after his departure. Having made his way down to the main docks, he was for the moment, seated on the edge. Shark fins poked out of the water as the animals circled below. Oh sure.. this was probably a terrible idea. Not for him of course.. As he had no intentions of getting in the water.. But for any swimmers come later. These sharks were wild animals.. The docks were often used by fishermen and people coming down for a swim in the summer.. And summer was indeed approaching.. Feeding these beasts was like opening an invitation for them to come and find meals.*

"Yes... Get your fill, my little friends.. There's plenty more, I promise."

~His voice came out in the usual gruff, yet.. chillingly polite sound as he watched the fins slowly receed into the depths. Blood still stained the water from where he had dumped the sack. Speaking of the sack, it was now balled up in one hand, casually left to lay on his lap for the moment. He had no intentions of moving just yet. He wanted to make sure that every last piece was gone before he took his leave. Not that he honestly gave a damn. He'd linger for till the blood had begun to fade from the water. When it did that, only then would he decide to get up and head off.

He had been in Tokyo long enough by this point.. He now had his own car. Granted, it was nothing more than a beat up old rust bucket. It was where he was going though. He'd make his way to his car, the old sack tosse lazily in the back seat, on the floorboard.. And he'd head off.. Such a nice night.. He'd stop off at a truck stop.. Just long enough to visit the washroom, to wash the blood from his face and hands.. Enough to not draw too much suspicion his way. Not that it mattered.. The scent of blood, for those who could smell it, still lingered heavily on him. Blood and death.. Two scents that often followed the jaguar everywhere.

Once on the road again, Tsotsi would decide to make the mall his destination for the evening. The mall was usually an active place.. Even at night. Something he honestly loved about Tokyo.. Most places in this city were usually very busy.. And very entertaining. At least, from his point of view. Once he got to the mall, he'd decide to go linger in the food court. Taking up 'residence' if you will at an empty table. The only thing he'd bother to purchase after arriving was a simple slushy and a soft pretzel. Now he sat quietly, sipping his drink and enjoying his snack while he took in his surroundings. Harmlessly people watching for the most part..~

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