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A Bloodsplattered Night

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:28 pm    Post subject: A Bloodsplattered Night  Reply with quote

Continued from here:

She had been trying slightly... ever so slightly anyways to get more involved in her family's lives.  Of course she still had no intentions of cleaning up her act, it was way too much fun everything she was involved in.  Way too good to forget, to live in pleasure and just do whatever it was she wanted, when she wanted.  But, she also missed her family a bit and since Absinthe and Vodka had been born, she did enjoy spending time with her niece and nephew.  

And tonight was another night that she was spending time with them... not that their parents knew. Of course out of the Inginteichou family, Syn and Bakeru were a little more okay with her lifestyle than the rest, but still... they hadn't okayed the two of them going with her to the Rave.  They'd turned 18 earlier in the year tho and she wanted to show them a good time.  Of course, as a responsible aunt, she was only going to get them drunk. And she'd chosen a night when she knew Otenki had the night off.

"Order whatever you two want, I'm paying for it tonight!" Hakanai announced to the Toukai twins, grinning wide as blue eyes sparkled brightly, practically bouncing in her seat as she was watching Absinthe and Vodka.  The silver bracelets on her wrists clinked as she wagged her tail, enjoying her time with them.

"Are you sure aunt Hakanai?" Absinthe asked, looking to her brother, grinning wide. The half feline and canine girl was excited, but they both also knew about the fact that their aunt always had money troubles.  Always spending more than she had, getting into trouble and more, and she didn't want to get her aunt in trouble.

"I'm certain Abby!" Hakanai replied laughing as she leaned forward to ruffle both their hair.  Absinthe giggle, working on smoothing back her blonde hair out of her face, the pointed feline ears flickering back.  Looking up to her with right green eye and left orange, as although Abby was 18, she was short for her age at 5'2". Wearing a one shouldered green shirt, with her usual type of jeans, and colorful chain hanging on her hip.  

"Auntie!" She protested aloud before grinning to Vodka and leaned over to nudge her brother's shoulder with her own, "So, should we get our namesakes?" Absinthe asked him with a mischievous grin. Hakanai laughed again.  

Although she would blink when she felt someone's arms encircle her from behind as they leaned on her shoulders, before craning her neck to get a look at the person who had her.  It was a wolf anthro john she'd hooked up with a couple nights ago in order to make some of the money that she was spending tonight on her brother's kids. "Oh hello honey,"  Hakanai smiled, greeting the man in a purring tone.

"Hey, Ms. Hakanai," He replied, a wolfish grin on his muzzle, causing Absinthe to roll her eyes. "Spotted you over here so thought I'd come see how you're doing and if you're busy." He told her, even as his eyes flicked over to Abby and Vodka.

"Aw, sorry pudding," Hakanai replied with a laugh, "I am quite indeed busy with my charming niece and nephew." She told him, shifting in her seat to face him, but not trying to shake him off of herself as she looped arms about his waist. "How about another time?"

"Sure, mind if we step out a moment to discuss it?" He'd ask her, stepping back to tug on Hakanai and glancing towards Absinthe and Vodka. Absinthe lifted her brow, but Hakanai nodded.

"Alright, I'll be back soon Absinthe and Vodka, promise! I'm not working tonight!" Hakanai told them, meaning the promise as she crossed the spot over her heart before jumping off her stool and following after the john.

"Hopefully she keeps this promise," Abby stated with a sight, turning back to her brother as she flickered her tail and turned her gaze to the alcohol selection, "Not going to wait for her tho!" She laughed.

Hakanai and the john would make their way outside of the Rave, since it was so loud in there it was hard to hear entirely accurately. Stepping out into the back, it was dark beyond a single light bulb that burned overhead, but that was more then enough for them.  Leaning on his arm, Hakanai grinned upwards.

"So what's going to work for you, darling?" She asked as she pressed against him enticingly, making the male grin wider as he would nod his head.

"Well, I was thinking-" And his words would be cut off as black tendrils snapped out of the darkness and caught the john, strangling the cry that came from him.  Hakanai tried to avoid them as she jumped back in fright, crying out loudly in panic as she scrambled away.  But it wasn't enough to save the wolf anthro as the tendrils curled around her ankles and picked her up even as more tendrils wrapped around her muzzle. Even though she growled and snapped at it, it wasn't enough to avoid it.

Terror filled her as she watched the shadows, the hungry darkness rip the guy that she'd been with apart. Biting his head off, and then pulling his spine out through his back to tear into. And then... it turned it's sights on her.  Muffled screams came from her as she writhed uselessly, violently for freedom, until her neck was snapped.  It killed her and then proceeded to feast on her, breaking off her legs and worrying them like bones.  Blood spray was everywhere, splattering across the door and ground, the bodies blood soaked.

Once done, the bodies were dropped on the ground, left there in pools of there blood, their bodies torn to shreds. The only way to really relate this murders to the other ones was the fact that parts of the body were missing and the bites marks, identical.  It had been feeling... voracious when it took the two,.  Satiated for the moment it wandered off. Leaving behind more victims...

Inside, Absinthe was getting impatient, since the bartender wanted to make sure that they were going to get paid.  They knew Hakanai well enough to know to find out if she had money beforehand, or if she was going to try and trade favors as payment.  So the twins weren't going to get a drink yet.

"Ugh, I'm going to go see if aunt Hakanai is done yet," Abby rolled her eyes as she gave a soft huff before pushing herself away from the counter in order to slide off of her stool, her fluffy ended tail flickering about as she looked back to her brother, "Do you want to come Voddy?"

Either way, if he was to go with her or not, she headed towards the door that she had seen her aunt take with the guy, being careful to weave around the other anthros that were there.  Stopping outside the door, she'd brush hair back from her face as she sighed heavily, not looking forward to opening that door, just in case Hakanai was doing something she didn't want to see.  Screwing up her courage, she would take a deep breath before easing open the door.

"Aunty?" Absinthe called out as she stepped outside, her eyes skimming over the area before her.  Stepping forward once more to investigate, that would be when her eyes landed on the bright crimson pool. Blinking, her heart began pounding as she carefully walked forward towards it. "Aunt Hakanai?"

And then she saw it... the lump upon the ground... the fur color matched, the dead eyes match, the clothing all of it...  It was horror and nightmares come alive, and Absinthe... was not one capable of handling such a thing easily.  Shocked,  and frightened, she took a step back as she stumbled to the ground even as the white muzzle opened and she screamed...

Continued here:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vodka Toukai

Hakanai had been lucky too.. Scar hadn't been at the front when she brought the twins in. Nope. Scar had been in the employee area getting ready for his shift. Otherwise, he may have refused the two with her entry.

When they were brought in, Vodka was busy taking in the surroundings. So many people.. So much great music and pretty lights... Now he kind of understood why his parents had spent so much time here. Oh yes, he had heard stories. But he didn't care what the stories were.. He still looked up to and respected his parents. Although getting a chance to be inside the Rave, he was already kind of taking a liking to the place. It was full of people, awesome music.. Plenty of chances to make friends. Not that he needed an excuse to make more. He was already fairly popular in school.. Although this would also be his last year of school once fall arrived.

Though now that they were at the bar, Vodka would take a seat beside his sister. His gaze sweeping the area again. Just taking it all in. Letting his ears adjust to the loud music. Hearing their aunt though, he'd blink mismatched eyes at her as he looked back to the bar then back to her. His head tilting to the side. He really didn't want to get her in trouble.. Though hearing that she was certain, he'd rest his black tipped hand on the bar as he considered it.

Compared to his sister, he was just a little taller than she was. He stood in 5'6. He was tall and lanky. But given the sports he was into, it probably wasn't much of a surprise. He was clothed for once with a shirt. Granted it was just a loose fitting off teal t-shirt and his usual dark blue jeans and, because he was talked into it, he actually wore his sneakers. Something he had said he wasn't gonna do all summer. Mid back length red hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail.

He'd watch their aunt and his sister, a playful grin taking his face. He thought about getting in on it.. Rough housing. But he wasn't sure if he should. That was till he was nudged. He'd laugh and nudge her back. His feline-canine tail wagging happily behind him. Thinking about the question, he'd give a lop sided smile and nod.

"Yeah, I think so. It might be fun to do so."

He'd poke Abby in the side, before looking back to their aunt. He just really hoped she was sure about all this. The grin faded slightly though, watching the strange male. Though as their aunt got up to go with him, he'd nod softly to her words.. His gaze would go to his sister when she spoke.

"Me too.. And.. I'm not waiting either!"

His tail had picked up the wagging again as he scanned over the shelves now. So many choices...
Though moments ticked by, drinks were denied till their aunt returned. So Vodka had taken to doodling idly on a napkin while he waited. Though when Absinthe spoke, Vodka would lift his gaze, and push the napkin away having lost interest in it.

"Yeah, I'm coming with you, sis..."

He didn't want her to go alone.. But he also didn't like the impatient gaze of the bartenders either. Which gave him more reason to tag along with her. He'd slide off his seat, following. And just like his sister, he was mindful of the others in the place, weaving around them. Though Abby made it to the door before he did. So she'd be the first out. Hearing her scream though, he'd produce a chain from his pocket.. Yes.. the same chain that had been taken from him at the start of the previous school year.. How he got it again was anyone's guess.. But it didn't matter. The chain was produced and he'd come barreling out, ready to strike down anyone that he thought may have hurt his sister.. Although seeing the gruesome sight before him.. The chain slid out of his hand as he' step back quickly, and trip over his sister. When he hit the ground, it seemed to bring him back somewhat to his senses.

"A-Abby.. I um.. I think we should call someone... This.. Oh.. Auntie..."

The realization.. His ears sagged, but the fear in his eyes remained.. His face actually still was slightly frozen in horror.. He had honestly never been this frightened, sickened and horrified in his entire life. Not even from the time he had walked in on their Uncle Taichi showering. He'd kind of half scuttle/shuffle to his sister, clinging to her. He was trying to comfort her, while at the same time keep it together himself.

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