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Unexpected Coincidences

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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2012 6:12 am    Post subject: Unexpected Coincidences  Reply with quote

Yasame Musou

The small group of girls would enter into the softly lit business, laughter and giggles following them in.  Most of them looked like they were having fun, just laughing away and teasing each other since they were walking into the Geisha.  However there was one girl that was amongst them that didn't look quite as amused as the others, although she wouldn't look completely miserable.  Just definitely not all that comfortable.  When she would even hesitate at the door one of the girls laughed and grabbed her hand and tugged her in further with them. "Come on Yasame, we're here mainly for you, you know?"  She giggled, her words making the blue haired girl's face turn redder.

"I know, but we don't have to be," Yasame would protest, trying to get her hand back from her friend who would simply laugh and pulled on her harder, making Yasame stumble further into the establishment.

"Yep, but you promised you would!" The girl would remind her, causing Yasame to blush and look away.

"I was drunk when I promised!"  She whined softly but didn't put up anymore of a fight, walking demurely behind her.

"So?"  The girl laughed, "You weren't all that drunk Yasame." Her words would make Yasame shoot her a slight glare, causing more laughter all around. "And what better way to get over that asshole then by having a tumble?  Even if it is with a hired guy, at least you know he's got to be good!" Even Yasame couldn't help but laugh at her friend's words as all of them chuckled.

"Good evening," The fox tailed woman would appear in front of the small group, her greeting purred out in her usual sensual manner as her her pinkish eyes ran over them all, "You must be the Musou party I've been expecting aren't you ladies?"  Genjina asked them cheerfully.  All three of them would nod in answer, causing the Mistress to smile even brighter at them.

"Great!  Come right this way!  I'll set you up with some drinks and the list of names and attributes," She laughed brightly as she would take the lead, her long white hair swinging gently behind her as she bounced with her steps.  She of course knew the Musou name and since they brought her business she was happy to treat the family well.  

Leading them to a table in the main area she would wave a waitress over, one of the girl's working in the Geisha of course who would come over happily to hand her the liqour list and the Geisha guide. Smiling her thanks she turned back to the girls. "So will all of you ladies be choosing a partner this evening or is it only for one lucky girl?"  Genjina giggled as she spoke to them with sparkling eyes.  Yasame immediately went red.

"Definitely one girl will be, though I'm sure the rest of us might do so once we make sure that Yasame here is going to be taken care of,"  One of the girl's answered, the rest echoing her as the one gently elbowed Yasame.

"Yasame Musou?"  Genjina would ask with surprise, her eyes landing on the blushing blue haired girl. "Oh your brother has told me about you dear! It's so nice to meet Masato's big sister finally!" She exclaimed as she moved over to her and took her chin in her soft, gentle hands to tilt her head up to study the girl's face. "Just as beautiful as he says."  She would say as she released Yasame's bright red face, "And just as shy."

"So what are you doing here dear?" Genjina asked her, "I keep telling Masato to bring you around so you can have some fun, but last time I saw him he told me that you were very happy with some boyfriend."  

"Oh, he dumped her, the slimeball!"  Her one friend exclaimed before Yasame even had a chance to answer causing her to look down sadly. "Yasame mentioned possibly having a future together and he scurried off faster then a cockroach!" The girl continued on since Yasame wasn't saying anything to stop her, and as usual Genjina's very nature made it easy for people to talk to her.

"That was a few months ago and he was her first, so we thought this might be the best way to help her get over it," Another of her friends would finish with a giggle.  Genjina would look at them all with a soft smile before kneeling at Yasame's side and placed her hand on her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Yasame," She offered sympathetically.  "Your friends are partly right.  One way to get over that kind of heart break is to move on, and although a lot of girl's rebound into unhealthy relationships, sometimes it's good to have a one night stand to help increase your self esteem so it's easier not to fall into that sort of trap."  Genjina advised her with a soft smile.   "But also remember, even if you promised, you don't have to do anything you don't want to.  Even though sex is the main business here, we get people coming in all the time just to have someone to talk to that won't judge them.  So if you really don't want to be physical, don't be afraid just to talk, ok?"  Her soft words would bring a smile to the girl's lips as she brought her blue eyes to hers, shining with gratitude at her words.  They definitely brought her comfort. "Alright girls, don't worry about the bill tonight because your drinks and company are on the house!"  She exclaimed as she stood up and started off to leave them. "Have fun!"  And with a wave went off to take care of whatever else had to be taken care of.

All the girls would be excited and started talking happily, and even Yasame would seem a lot less worried as she laughed with them.  Even though she was still not entirely certain about doing what her friends had brought her there to do, she could at least have fun with her friends and drinking.

After awhile, all of the girls had drank their share and were a mixture of drunk and really buzzed, Yasame being somewhere inbetween, they would start teasing her about picking a guy.  And now that the alcohol had loosened up Yasame's nervousness somewhat she wasn't quite as apprehensive about it, giggling and joking with them as well.  

With the Guide now in front of her, they were all looking over it with her as well, pointing to to various ones as they looked at the Geisha's pictures and descriptions, including what they would and would not do, plus any disclaimers if there were any.

"How about that one, what a hottie!  And look it says here he's really good with his tongue!" One of them would point, causing them all to laugh. "Or how about him? It says he'll do nearly anything!"  They all ooohed and ahhed it while Yasame in her usual fashion looked over everything carefully even if she still shared in the laughter and goofiness. Eventually her eyes would fall on one picture in particular of a man that looked really quite sweet and was definitely in her tastes.  

"Gentleman Breeze," Yasame murmured the name as she read over his description, turning soft red.

"So, do you like that one Yasame?"  One of the girls asked teasingly, causing her to blush brighter and making them laugh as they knew that it certainly did when Yasame blushed like that. "I knew it!  You so have to go fuck him!"  Yasame blinked at her friend, bright red now. "Or talk, like Mistress Genjina mentioned!" Another of her friends would remind her, and Yasame would look to her with a thankful smile for the reminder.

"Fine, I know you guys all want to go have some fun so I won't make you wait any longer," Yasame teased her friends.

"Great!" Her boldest friend would grin before snapping up the Guide and jumping to her feet and hurrying over to Genjina who was currently speaking with one of the workers there.  Speaking to her with a grin and smile, Genjina looked over to Yasame to make sure the girl knew what was going on and seeing her smile over at her and nod as she noted the curiousity she saw before smiling and coming over.

"So you did choose someone!  And a very nice choice I might say," Genjina would chuckle as she went over to the girl, drawing her to her feet by her hand.  "Breeze is a real sweetheart and no doubt will make you feel very comfortable even if you can't go through with it."  She assured her as she would lead Yasame towards one of the Private Booths. "I'll have him meet you here so you don't worry about feeling pressured.  And don't be shy about going up to the room if you do decide to though.  Anything you could need is up there."  She giggled as Yasame nodded meekly and seated herself on the the plush loveseat like furniture in the booth sitting opposite a table.  "He'll be here in just a moment Yasame."  She'd say as she slid closed the painted screen door behind her after Yasame had nodded to her again.  

As Yasame studied the beautiful booth, with flickering candle-like lights set around and cushions set about she had to admit it was almost romantic in a fashion and was soothing.  On the table of course was a pitcher of water with two glasses sitting nearby and a small bell so they could get someone to come serve them if so wished.  Meanwhile Genjina herself would scurry up the stairs to the second story where everyone's rooms where, her fox tails wagging happily behind her as she headed straight for Raine's room.  Stopping outside the door she would knock and wait for an answer before stepping in.

"Hello Raine," The Mistress of the Geisha would greet him happily, using his real name to let him know that it was just her that had entered, "There's a customer waiting downstairs for you in booth A.  She's a lovely girl but really nervous, so I think you'll need to seduce her."  She would let him know as she stood near the door, her eyes glittering with slight mischief as she awaited his answer.  Of course she wouldn't mention the girl's name for as she believed for her Geisha's, everyone had the choice of anonymity.  If she wanted to tell him her name that was her choice and vice versa.

Masato Musou

Speaking of Jax, there was another nineteen year old on his way home after having learned of what Jax pulled on his sister. Currently Masato would be slumped down in his seat on the plane. Head phone buds wedged into his ears, and his eyes closed as he sung with the song playing. Not out loud of course. But he'd move his lips in time with the song's lyrics. Although the faint beat from the headphones would be a dead give away as to what he was listening to. Dangerous by Akon blasted into his ears as a curtain of blue bi-colored hair hung around his face, hiding his face from view at the sides. The only way one would be able to see his face would be to look directly at him from standing in front of him. He wasn't scheduled to return from Hakkaido till November. But that was out the window.. And while he looked calm and collected, there were several cruel thoughts that were playing in his mind. He wasn't exactly sure on how he wished to persue this Jax for breaking his sister's heart.. But he was definitely mauling it over as he sat there quietly jamming along with Akon.

He was clothed simply.. A white t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. The left pant leg was tattered in places. But he didn't care. In fact, both knees to the pants were torn out leaving frayed matterial around his knees. Around his neck, a silver chain would be found with silver dog tags on dangling from it. These had allergies engraved in them. Just in case of an emergency. And down on his feet, he wore a simple pair of off white sneakers. He really wasn't dressed up. Though then again, he never did like dressing in suits and the like. He was comfortable in what he wore now.

When Masato had gotten the phone call, he and his friends had been camping. It was just him and a bunch of other guys. He had been fishing when the call came in just a bit aways from the camp site. So the call, it came as a surprise. At first he had thought it was just his big sister calling to check on him. As it stood, Sato had a habit of not calling for weeks at a time when he was camping. Mainly because he tended to get rather wrapped up in things that were going on. And while he didn't look like it, he was always the cook for his friends when they went camping for the summer. He did all the cooking and all the food preperation. Anyway, when the call came in, his friends knew it was serious.. Sato had tossed his pole down and stormed right to the camp and had begun to pack as he spoke to his sister. Of course though it didn't help getting angry.. Especially when the airport wouldn't honor his request and he was forced to wait a few months after the fact before being able to depart. But that was the past.. Now he sat on the plane.. Music blasting in his ears, his lips moving in rythm with the song as he silently mauled over the various cruel ideas that drifted in and out of his mind.

At The Geisha, Raine's profile was simple. Though his picture, he looked more like he was looking off at a wall rather than the camera man. Which when the picture was taken, Raine had been miserable, having just gotten settled into his room after having been forced to work for The Geisha as payment and punishment for what his brother had done. Though the way he was looking away from the camera man, if anything, he'd just look shy. Which in reality wasn't a lie. He was shy.

And the description was simple. Then again, he was still fairly new. And speaking of Raine, he'd be found in his room laying on the floor. He was perfectly fine. He was just laying in front of the tv, snuggled up with a body pillow shaped like a cat. His golden gaze glued to the tv as he lay there watching Disney's Beauty & The Beast.. Oh sure.. Perhaps cheesy or even strange for a grown man to be lounging on the floor watching a disney, animated movie, but he would look comfortable as he lay there. Hearing the knock, he'd lift his head from the pillow, glancing back to the door.

"It's open."

Was all he'd call out before going back to the tv. That was till The Mistress stepped inside. He'd sit up, sitting indian style as he twisted himself around slightly to be able to see her.

"Oh hello Mistress. How are you?"

He'd offer a soft smile to the woman as he sat there watching her now. The movie now ignored as he listened to her. He'd nod softly as he listened.

"Alright. I can try to seduce her."

He was still getting used to this.. Before this, he had actually been a virgin. Though his second night at The Geisha had broken him of that.. Though it still was a work in progress on getting used to everything. He'd get up, dusting himself off. He was clothed simply tonight.. Nothing fancy.. Mostly due to the heat. A light blue button up shirt that actually hung open as it was too hot to keep it buttoned and a pair of matching shorts with dolphins along the hemline on the legs. His feet bare.

Mistress Genjina Yaritebaba
Mistress of The Geisha
~Come To The Geisha, I Welcome All!~
~Come And Enjoy Yourself Thoroughly!~
~We Have Something For Everyone To Enjoy!~
~As Long As You Follow All The Rules...~
~You Will Leave Here Happily!~

As Yasame waited for the appearance of this... Gentleman Breeze, the cute name making her giggle to herself... she would be utterly nervous still.  Keeping her hands in her lap as she sat there, trying not to be too anxious.  But thinking about the activity that she was about to possibly participate in would be hard for her to remain calm, especially as it took her thoughts to the only man she had been with so far.  

Sure, Jax had been younger then her, but he was handsome and charming and had seemed so sweet.  At least at first...  Maybe he had just seen her as a challenge, some sort of nut to crack... but either way she didn't know why he had pursued her.  But in the end he'd gotten her into his bed, as he obviously had wanted and taken from her something she'd thought she was giving to someone who truly cared for her.  But no, it was all a lie as she had found out the moment she mentioned a future together.  

How could he not have expected it to ever come up anyways?  Yasame wondered angrily to herself as her head dropped to glare at her hands. He had never told her that he only wanted a fling, that he had only wanted sex and no actual attachment.  She never would have slept with him if she had known.  Neither would she have dated him... and maybe that was why he'd not told her... the jerk... Sighing softly to herself, her anger took the edge off of her wait  a little.  

Maybe, trying something purely phsyical wouldn't be so bad after all...

Upstairs, Genjina would smile to Raine as he turned to her and asked how she was doing, giving an affectionate shake to her head as she saw what he was watching.  Just so cute!  Flicking her tails she would give him a bright smile. "Good, my darling." She answered with a light hearted tone as she watched him after she had answered him.

"Oh I'm sure you can do just fine dear," Genjina giggled as she leaned closer to Raine and let her fingertips trace over his soft face. "Just remember everything I've taught you the last few months, and you will knock her socks off."  She smirked a little before laughing, "Along with everything else."  She'd wink at him as she stood up straight and looked him over.

"Just make sure to change into something a little more suiting, then get your cute butt down to booth A,"  She instructed as she noted his entirely casual appearance.  While he looked good still, she did have a reputation to uphold and her business came first.  Besides it wasn't much to ask considering everything else she did for those who worked there. "Try not to take too long though.  We don't want her nerves to overwhelm her and have her take off before you even have a chance now do we?"  Genjina purred with a smirk over her lips that was not entirely free of cruelty.  While she was letting Yasame's group have an on the house night, mainly due to her being a Musou, the money for it would be coming out of her own pocket.  And if that was the case, she would not be pleased if he took too long and caused her to pay for something that gained her absolutely nothing.


Raine Loidon

A long stretch would be given as the song he was listening to ceased. It was preparing to switch to another song when the sound of the plane's captain came over the loud system. He'd give a bored look as he removed the ear buds and turned his gaze in the general direction of the cockpit. Again the voice would repeat for those who may have missed it the first time... Twenty minutes to landing. Masato would smirk a bit before sitting straight and giving another lanky stretch. Once the stretch ended, he'd sort of flop, sinking back into his seat in a near lazy fashion before standing and pulling a demin duffle bag from the over head compartment. Once he had it, he'd sink back down into his seat and begin to put things away. Sure he had twenty minutes to go. But he didn't want to be the last off. He wanted to be off the plane as soon as possible.

Now as he sat there rummaging about in the duffle bag, and putting things away, he'd dig out his cellphone. He need to make sure someone would be there to pick him up. Arriving at night, especially for a human in the area that the airport was in, could be dangerous. Even for a male. He'd flip the phone open, scrolling through contacts idly. Once he had his father's cell number, he'd hit send and the phone would go to his ear as he quietly waited for his father to pick up.

As for Jax, he was a sweet guy. He just had commitment issues. He loved her.. But.. all it took was the future mentioning and it spooked him. So when it was mentioned, he did the only thing that seemed to make sense in his mind that night..and that was to dump her and flee.Actualy, Jax hadn't even hooked up with anyone else. Of course, who knew how long that'd last. Currently Jax was at the Punk hideout, passed out on the couch.. Sound to sleep in the main room.

Anyway, upstairs, Raine would listen quietly as he now stood. The movie... Believe it or not.. That was actuallly among his favorite movies. Well that one and Aladdin..Okay.. So he was a bit of a hopeless romantic. It was just something he picked up from his father was all. Though the movie currently playing, he could watch it over and over again and never tire of it. It was just a sweet movie that he found adorable.

At any rate, listening, he'd nod softly. The months spent here, it still took some getting used to. Especially being in the company of so many different ladies. But this was the punishment given to him for his brother's actions. He defended his brother, really not knowing the full story.. Not knowing of what Jax had done.. And he took his brother's punishment to protect his younger brother. At the time, not knowing what punishment he'd recieve, till he was placed here. But.. He saw it as his duty. It was his job as the oldest to defend the younger siblings. Something he promised his parents that he'd do when they left for Australia leaving the four brothers behind.

She touched his face, he'd blush softly, with a gentle smile resting on his lips. He'd give a light nod as he listened to her words.

"I will do my best."

The soft blush remained even after she had stood up straight. Though he'd look down at the floor for the moment. He just had to remind himself that he just needed to be good with the lady and not screw up anything.  Though at the remark about his clothing, he'd look down at himself, blinking. Perhaps she was right.. This was all well and good to lounge in and to wear around The Geisha when there wasn't any clients.. But tonight he had a customer. He'd nod gently.

"Alright, I'll change right away. I won't be long at all. Promise."

He knew that smirk of Genjina's well. His first time he, he had been so nervous he had blew it. The customer had gotten angry and stormed out. So now, he did what he could to keep everyone happy. Dark blue hair would fall over his face for the moment as looked back to her. He'd wait till she had gone before he'd move off to a closet to see what outfits he had to choose from.


Yasame Musou

When the phone rang, Masato and Yasame's father would answer it, smiling as he heard his son's voice.  After the short conversation of being told that the plane was going to be landing soon, he'd let him know that he would meet him there and not to worry, he'd get a ride home.  

After hanging up the phone and putting it into his pocket, he'd jot down a quick not to let his wife know he was picking Masato up in case she got home before they did, and grabbing his keys from the kitchen counter went outside to the car.  Jumping in and starting it up, he would drive over to the airport then in oder to meet up with Masato.

At the Geisha, Genjina would smile to Raine as he said he would do his best, making her nod to him with a gentle smile. "That's my gentleman," She would speak purringly as she let her mutliple tails move forward to gently caress against him as she lifted her hand and waggled her fingers at him in a parting wave.  Closing the door behind her as she left the room she would continue back down the stairs and went back to the booth that Yasame was sitting in.

As the door slid open Yasame would look up to Genjina with surprise in her eyes, almost getting up before Genjina would laugh and just gesture for her to keep sitting. "Just letting you know he'll be a few more minutes dear, but not much longer.  Don't go running off now."  She giggled as she would smile to Yasame.  Even though nervous Yasame would smile back to her, giggling with anxiety as she nodded and kept her hands in her lap.   And watching Genjina leave she would just sit back and continued to wait anxiously, closing her eyes for the moment to try and stay calm.
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Raine Loidon
-Loidon Family Eldest-

Masato would sink back into his seat as he waited for the plane to land after the call had been made. In the back of his mind, he was rolling over what all he could do to that bastard... Jax had hurt his big sister.. Made his sister cry. Now Masato wanted to make sure the bastard suffered. And he'd be quietly mauling over what it was he wanted to do to the man. What kinds of tortures he could use against the filthy leech. He had never liked the vampire.. Tried to at one point.. Show some form of kindness towards him.. But only because his big sister was with the leech. But, well now that Jax broke his sister's heart... Masato planned on breaking every bone in the vampire's body if he could. There ways to torture vampires.. Ways he had learned from friends and family.. All of which wouldn't kill the vampire, but would certainly leave the vampire wishing they were dead. A cold little smile lit his lips as he pondered on it.

Back home, Eza wasn't home. No.. She had gone with Kyuso to pick up new computer parts. With his car broken down, she had given their nephew a lift to the store. Currently, the pair stood at a counter. Kyuso was talking to a clerk while Eza made her idle time worth something by looking around at the various things there.. Making a mental Christmas shopping list. After a moment, she'd whisper into Kyuso's ear that she'd be back, before wandering off into the isles near by. Along the way, snagging someone's empty cart that had been left unattended while the person browsed. Any purses in it, would lain on the floor. After all, all she was interested in was the cart. Maybe she'd try to get some of her Christmas shopping in now while she was here.

At the Geisha, Raine would blush as her tails touched him. He was still new to all this in a way. Granted, he was working on getting over that shyness of his. It was just a tough battle. But at least he had a few months of some experience. Once she had gone, he'd move over to a closet and select what he wanted to wear... And it didn't take him long.. A light blue colored suit would be choosen. It wasn't extremely formal, but definitely would allow him to live up to the title of gentleman. Once he had the clothes selected, next would be white shoes.. His clothing really if anything, matched the sky on a good day.. Minus the sun of course. As he just wouldn't wear yellow. Dark blue hair fell over his face as he'd lay everything out. And once he gotten dressed, and socks and shoes on, he'd turn to the tv, shutting off the movie.  He could always watch it again later.

Once ready, he'd leave the room, taking a rose from a vase on his way out. His bedroom door being gently pulled shut behind him. With that, he'd head out and for the stairs, passing Nemuro in the hall. The two would merely nod heads to one another in a silent, yet friendly passing hello. Nemu was in a rush of his own at the moment. He was on the way to his room to try and find his cellphone. He had been out clubbing when he noticed it was missing.. So Nemu had traced his tracks back home. Which was fine, as Raine was going downstairs anyway and really didn't have time to chat in the halls. Once he reached downstairs he'd head for booth A as he had been told to do.

In the back of his mind, he was going over everything he had been taught in the course of the last few months. When he got to her table, he'd give a soft smile to the lady. He didn't know her.. Then again, Jax had never brought his girlfriend around during the time that Jax had dated Yasame. Or if he did, it was when Raine was working late nights at The Stardust as a bartender.

"Evening miss. For you."

He'd offer her the rose before settling into a seat at the booth.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yasame Musou
Daughter of Ezakiya and Gisei Musou
Elder Sister of Masato Musou
Hacker/ Spy for the Bloody Reveries

As Gisei was pulling into the parking lot for the airport, his mind was on something similar to that of his sons. The little bastard who had made his little girl cry. Mainly he was thinking about it because he knew that Masato would be as well, and likely planning on doing something to get back at Jax. Of course, Gisei couldn't come right out with approval about it, but he knew that Masato would definitely do what needed to be done.  He had never met the boy, but he'd known that Yasame had been crazy over the vampire. She had... glowed in a way when she spoke of him... that was until of course he tore her heart out.  Damn coward.  

Shaking his head, he turned the wheel slowly as he rounded the bend taking him to stop right in front of the entrance to the airport, in the appropriate parking zone. As long as Jax paid directly, he'd be happy. He just couldn't publicly condone it, or he would do it himself. His leather jacket would squeak quietly as he lifted his hand to run his fingers through the light blue hair atop his head, using his other hand to probe for his cell in his pocket. Once he found it, he pulled it out and used the contact shortcut and dialed his son. Listening to the ringing over the line, he'd wait for Masato to pick up in order to let him know that he was waiting outside for him.


Smiling foxishly to herself as she left Yasame's booth, Genjina's step had a light bounce in it, pondering over the potential match there between Yasame and Raine.  Thinking about it, the two of them seemed to complement each other for certain. Although one thought in particular had Genjina laugh out loud to herself, her bright purple eyes glittering in amusement... since she certainly knew about the rumors about how the Musou's were far from happy with the Loidon family.  This had interesting possibilities.  Her brilliant smile lingering on her lips, she would get back into her office, to continue her daily work for The Geisha.


Yasame was sitting in her booth, still waiting for 'The Gentleman' to appear.  Butterflies were fluttering around in her stomach and she couldn't help but to fidget with her fingers in her lap.  Although she was trying hard not to consider the possiblities of how this meeting would go, her mind couldn't help but to spin potental ideas that flitted through her head. What would he be like? What would he say? Could she really go through a fling?

Her eyes would snap open however as the door to the booth was slid open when Raine entered and she looked up at him as he slid in, offering her the beautiful rose.  Yasame instantly blushed as she gently took the flower in one hand, the other one running over the delicate, silky petals.

"Th-thank you," She murmured in response. The butterflies in her stomach had increased in their frantic flapping, and her heart pounded hard against her chest.  He was more handsome in person than his picture showed.  There was just something about him that a photograph couldn't seem to capture.

"Um, hello..." Greeting him quietly and faintly, she had to work at not wringing her hands in fear of damaging the rose, "M-my name is Yasame..." She searched mentally then for something else to say.  Did she need to say more?  She didn't want any kind of awkwardness, but she wasn't exactly a social wonder.  Well... she could if she needed to be, but she was here as herself, and that wasn't an easy thing to figure out. "How are you?"

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