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Graveyard Drop Off

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:35 am    Post subject: Graveyard Drop Off  Reply with quote

A car pulled up to the graveyard. Marza's orders were to bring the she-mongrel here. The attack at Rouka's place had gone well as far as the people in the car were concerned.. Alice was dealt with, the kids taken.. And to prevent any harm coming to Marza from a sneak attack, should Alice's little 'guard dog' return..

Alice's... 'pet' or 'guard dog' as Marza had often referred to the red head, had been rendered unconcious, mouth taped shut with duck tape and the female bound, before being chucked into the back seat. A vampire on either end of her. One held down her upper half, the other her lower half.. Just in case she woke.

Niralynn had been found walking alone near the park. Her nose in a book. The attack had been rapid enough that they had taken her completely by surprise, knocked her out before she could even utter a cry. The only thing that had been left at the scene of where she had been taken, was a horror novel.. left to lay in a mud puddle, left over rope, and a roll of ducktape, half off the roll. And of course, the few hints at a very short struggle.. Followed by an imprint in the grass where she had been pushed down and held to tie her up. There was also small traces of blood from how she was hit across the back of the head. The hit had been hard enough to knock her out. One strike with it was all it had taken. The blood was just..small speckles scattered over the pushed down grass. Then of course.. there was also a sword, tossed carelessly into a nearby tree. The sword jutted out from the base of it's trunk. It had been where the larger vampire had put the sword after they had tied Niralynn up.

That was an hour ago. The two in the back had managed to stop the bleeding from the impact. The one to do most of the healing had been the smaller framed male. The larger, more brute-ish one had been more content to sit quietly and watch out the window.. right up till they arrived at the graveyard. Only then had he turned his gaze back on the smaller male.

Big Guy: You make too big a deal out of this.. At least I let the mongrel live.

Smaller Guy: You let her live. But you could have killed her when you struck her with that boulder.. You're just lucky I know some healing.. Marza wanted the bitch left alive..remember?

A short 'hmph' was given, and the bigger male would go silent.

The thug would turn to the back seat as he eyed the other two there with him. He had considered telling them both to shut up..But had decided not to bother. His gaze would go to the graveyard beyond the gates, behind their car. It had been a long time since he had bothered coming to this place. The last time he was here, was when he tailed a human, before killing the poor bastard at the gates of the graveyard. That had been almost a year ago.. He'd scratch the side of his face before turning back to the steering wheel. The car was put into park and he'd climb out, going to the gate to open it.

Thug: You two, get that bitch out of the car. We'll drop her here. We're not lingering.. So make it quick. You know what Marza said about this place. Unsafe for our kind. Now move.

With that, the man would get to work opening the gates. Once they were open, he'd step inside the graveyard, looking around.

By this point, the other two with him, had managed to get her from the car. The hardest part for them was the fact that both kept stepping on and getting tangled in the female's long hair. A hard jerk was given from the bigger male, at her feet,  as he'd pick her up from the ground once the other had pushed her out of the car completely. The bigger guy would sling her over his shoulder and take her up to the first grave marker before throwing her down.

Thug: Good. Now let's return to the hotel.. The sooner we're away from this place the better. I hope our mistress had as much luck as we had.. To think.. the bitch that was supposed to be a guard.. to an ancient... was taken so easily..  

He'd hurry back to the car when he was certain the woman was dealt with, getting back into the driver seat. Once the others were in the back and doors shut, he'd peel out.

Back in the graveyard, the female had remained out. The way she had been handled and then the way she was just.. dropped - thrown.. at the tomb stones.. It had left her with a few broken ribs. The ropes, due to how tightly they were wrapped around her, and tied, had begun to slice into her skin in various spots. Mainly around her arms, sides, hips and lower legs. Her right hip, sported an empty sheath.. where her sword was taken from her.

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