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A Night At Guilty Pleasures

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:59 pm    Post subject: A Night At Guilty Pleasures  Reply with quote

Eisaku Ryuunosuke
-Singer For Guilty Pleasures-
-Megalo Ryuunosuke's Sister-

Another night, and Eisa would be found at Guilty Pleasures. Over the course of her time there, she had become bolder. She wasn't as nervous about being in the bar anymore.. By now used to Lao and the others there. No, if she was nervous at all, it was from the other male customers. Tonight, Eisa would be on stage. A smile on her lips as she waited for the music to begin. Tonight, she'd be in a red outfit. The top of choice tonight, was a tube top, held shut by a zipper, which was left down slightly. Enough to show some cleavage. But not enough to be trashy. On her lower half, she wore a matching mini skirt. A black leather belt holding the skirt in place. On her feet, she wore black spike heeled boots.

Reddish brown hair lay over her face as she'd start to sway to the music that started to play. At first, it'd just be a guitar.. But the song would quickly erupt into drums and the like. And not even two minutes in, the song would become a fast paced one. She'd start dancing to the beat of the music. Her eyes closing as she started to sing.

"I have a big gun
I took it from my Lord
Sick with Justice
I just wanna feel you

I'm your angel
Only a ring away

You make me violate you
No matter who you are

It's all up to you
No one lives forever

Been burn in the hell
By all those pigs out there

It's always been hell
From when I was born

They make me violate them
No matter who they are"

The way she moved, it could be compared to an industrial styled dance. Only less.. all over the place. Due to dancing, she wouldn't have a microphone. But rather a little microphone clip that was attached to the side of her tube top. She'd move with the music. Her eyes closed, she wasn't looking at anyone. This meant, less likely to freeze up and stop moving. She had only froze up once. But that had been from a drunk man getting too grabby and actually climbing up onto stage with her the second time she had performed at the Guilty Pleasures. But that had been a long time ago. Now all that time later, it was nothing more than a distant memory to her that really didn't matter. She'd sway with the music, the song continiuing.

"Get down on your knees
Get a good head on your shoulders
If it's for your guys

Go to the end of the earth
Do what you think
Give it with dedication
I'll put out your misery

Have no prayer
So, I keep the gun with me

For my safety
I'll do it with no sweat

They mean business
No time for sissy pig

Queen of ocean
Sing "the Volga" to you

No need to think about it
You do it or you die

Those aren't tears
Don't let it trick on you"

The song just continued.. Though across town, another would be stirring. Blond, black streaked hair fell over her face as she stretched her small framed body. Cat like ears twitching to the sounds of the city outside her bedroom window. The nightlife was coming alive.. And the sounds of night were taking over the city. She'd push herself up into a sitting position, another stretch leaving her as her tail batted back and forth. The kids were sleeping.. So she wouldn't wake them. She'd instead, get up, and stumble her way to the bathroom.. The night was young.. And she planned on taking advantage of it. So first things first.. a shower was in need and then she'd be leaving. Once in, she'd shed her night gown and undergarments before slipping into the shower. Once the shower ended, she'd get out, and wrap herself up in a towel and move quickly back to her room. Once in, the door was pushed shut and locked. Though done as quietly as she could to keep from waking Arika and Anton.

That done, she'd get out what she wanted to wear tonight. After selecting undies and a bra, she'd go to her closet, standing on tip toe to look through what she had. It didn't take her long to figure it out. A black coreset like top was choosen. It was decorated with skulls. Once on, she'd pause, zipping it up the back as best she could, before using her tail to zip it up the rest of the way. She'd pause after that, looking over her skirts.. What to wear.. what to wear... A plain black one? No.. She'd move it aside.. A long skirt? Nah.. Another pushed aside. Then she found it.. A black mini skirt, decorated in skulls.. The skulls eyes shaped like hearts. With that, she'd move over to a stand, picking up a black sash and tying it around her waist, the tied off silky sash, left to dangle at her right hip. She'd pause a moment, making sure her tail wasn't going to be pinched by the sash and skirt. Once content, she'd move over to a vanity, and settle onto the stool and go to brushing out her hair. Once she was content  enough, she'd reach over grabbing a fluffy hair clip.. This would be really the only color to her outfit.. Or at least slightly.. The bow was red and black, made of lace. Shaped like a flower with a silver skull in the center. She'd push back some of her hair, clipping it in place with the fluffy bow.

Now for make up.. This wouldn't take her long at all. Just her usual style.. And done in a slight gothic sense. After that, she'd be on her feet. Thoug she'd pause, grabbing a little container of perfume. Then she'd turn and head for the door of her bedroom. Shoes? Nope. As always, she'd go barefoot. She was an odd one.. But if she could get away with it, the queen preferred to go bare foot any day. Shoes to her, were just an inconvience. Sure her kids wore them.. But not her.  She'd slip out of her room, down a hall, down the stairs as quietly as she could and then to the door. Once outside, she'd first lock up.. But then she'd also put a barrier around the small apartment. The barrier wouldn't harm the children. However anyone that tried to get in her house that wasn't welcome or known by the family would seriously cut up and electrocuted. Only those on good terms with the family would be able to pass through it. With that, she'd take off, darting down the street and towards Guilty Pleasures.
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Danny Vinterhaven
Transgendered Vampire
Sibling of Ryuto Vinterhaven

Tonight would find Danny where he/she had been almost every single night since the first time they had stepped into Guilty Pleasures... back again, and sitting in a booth that had the perfect view of the stage. He had tried of course to aim for the nights that Eisaka was performing, since that was the main reason he had taken to going there. Sure, the vampire friendly atmosphere and menu that helped to curb the vampiric cravings was great... but there was something about the girl that had been recently taking the stage that made it so Danny couldn't stay away. Of course, too shy to really say anything as of yet, he still was only watching and hadn't approached her yet. And tonight was no different from the others where Eisaka stirred the heart. Wearing red clothing that suited her entirely, his blue eyes swept over her with a gentle, interested study. Watching how the light played over her features, how her hair framed her face... just, her...

Captivated, Danny almost didn't notice that a waitress had come up to him, and was asking for his order. Blinking as he snapped out of the trance he'd kind of gone into, he turned to the waitress and got his usual order. By now, it was pretty well known with how often he was coming in now.

Tonight, Danny was dressed pretty much the same way he always did. With clothing that hung off his body well enough to hide his... feminine features. Black jeans, a black t-shirt and a black jacket hung off his frame, although he had made sure to spend the time necessary to see that they were neat and clean. Of course, the necklace always worn was about his neck, safely a bright red.  And the long pink hair was pulled back in a casual ponytail, to keep the lengths from being in his face. Sitting half in shadow, to try and obscure features further as long as one of his kin didn't look hard, he liked his booth and continued to watch the girl. What a beautiful creature....


And of course the only person who was there more than Danny, was there tonight. The owner of Guilty Pleasures, Lao was at his favorite post; behind the bar. Sure, the establishment could have afforded a bartender to take over the position and leave him with more free time... but, he wouldn't have it any other way.  There was just too much of a simple joy to be found in mixing the drinks for his customers. Moving with the quick speed afforded to his race, he made them with a flourish.

Tonight, Lao was clad in a silken white suit that had a slightly robe like style to it, contrasting starkly with the pitch black hair that poured down past his shoulders in a messy, relaxed and yet attractive manner. Bright red eyes glittered with energy as he continued to make the drinks. The establishment was doing very well, with many a vampire gracing the place. Of course, there were still times that Lao had to get involved to settle disputes among the temperamental immortals, but it seemed as they were learning firmly that his rule about no fighting had no exceptions, things were settling down. A few threats here or there made on his undead life, but Lao wasn't worried in the least.  Many vampires could just be all bluster, and he could handle himself.

Glancing over to the doors as they opened to let in the latest customer, his eyes shortly widened to see that it was the one that he had been waiting most anxiously to arrive. She was a creature that intrigued him and he always enjoyed her company. However, he was in a playful mood this night, so he would immediately turn his back to the doors, pretending as if he had not seen Rouka enter- too busy with making drinks by all appearances.
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PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2015 12:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Senriel Cadarek & Eisaku Ryuunosuke / Rouka Swan & Koroshi Yoshizaki

*A new night settled over the graveyard.. In the darker shadows near a mausoleum, a pale hand curled around the stone structure's edge as he stepped into view. The caretaker was gone for the evening. Again the man had come snooping around. More things taken from his home... The vampire would tilt his head as he considered the human as he left for the eve. Today, he had been lucky.. A dark, gloomy evening had provided Senriel a hiding spot while the human invaded the mausoleum...

To say he hadn't been amused, would be an understatement. But it was something he was used to as well.. The human came by weekly.. Sometimes on different days. Today had been one of the rare that he was caught off guard and almost didn't have time to leave. The hole to his underground area under the mausoleum hidden carefully, thankfully. He'd push hair from his face as he'd slipped from hiding. The graveyard was quiet tonight. The ruckus from the murder weeks ago.. or was it months? He couldn't recall... Either way.. that ruckus had seemed to quiet. Although he doubted that was the end of it. No things like that often didn't just go away over night in a manner of speaking.

He'd move to the fence seperating the graveyard from the rest of the city. He'd jump up onto a more flat edged piece. His body melding into the darkness provided by the weeping willows near by. For the moment, he just stayed there.. Taking in his surroundings. A new night, meant new things to do.. Or so he hoped. A gaze was cast behind him briefly.. Watchful to the slayers that called the other side of the place home.. When he was sure it was safe, he'd drop down on the other side. His plaid red and black shirt being adjusted briefly before he'd start down the street. Hands finding their way to his pockets.

He'd cross the street after so long, moving into a dimly lit alley way. Yes, he heard the rumors on the streets about the two murderers.. The Wharf Killer.. and the other one.. The one that was leaving mangled bodies.. Honestly, he had no fear of either of them. He stuck to the shadows no matter where he went.  The shadows and the alley ways were easy to travel for him. Plenty of places to hide. Less likely to draw attention that way.

In time, his woven ways around the city would taken him into the back alley behind Guilty Pleasures. He'd slip out of the alley, and make his way to the front entrance. Once there, he'd move inside. He had only ever been there once. The one thing he liked about the place was the atsmophere. It was.... peaceful if that makes sense. Plus the music and the drinks were nice. He'd make his way to a table, and slide into a booth seat. Moving till his back was pressed against the wall to be able to keep a watchful eye on his surroundings. Once he was comfortable, he'd stretch one leg over the rest of the seat, relaxing.

His gaze would go to the stage briefly.. The girl singing.. She was lovely, but not his type. Although he had to admit the song was pretty. He'd draw his attention to a waitress when she approached. He'd order a simple blood wine, and give what was needed to pay for his drink. The rest of the little stash of money he had, stuffed back into his pants pocket. His gaze drifted to the one to enter after he had.. A cat eared woman? Nope.. Couldn't say that he knew her..

When the song ended, she'd give a bow before straightening up. A happy smile took her face. Yes, she still felt shy. But... it wasn't as bad as it had been. In the time coming to Guilty Pleasures, she had actually warmed up to the place quite a bit. She'd move to the edge of the stage and sit down, catching her breath. It wasn't till she was settled that she actually took in her surroundings now.

People had come in. Of those, was one of those that she knew now to be a regular. Although she still didn't know much about Danny. It was nice to see another familiar face, even though she didn't know.. her.. his.. name. A shy smile was given then her gaze was moving over the others there.. The blond with cat ears.. She knew of her..but not her name.. Heard rumors at least. Then there was the other fella that entered.. No.. she didn't recognize Senriel. That was actually the first she had ever seen him.

And the cat eared one, she'd skip happily inside. The small framed woman would take up her usual spot at the end of the bar. Seeing that he hadn't seemed to notice her, she'd sit as still as she could, though she was watching him.. waiting for him to turn to face her. A playful grin pulled at the corners of her mouth as she tried to keep a straight face. She'd lean against the bar, elbows down, hand resting in the palms of her hands.

Outside, the streets tonight would be full of activity. Blond hair fell over Koroshi's face as he sat crouched down on a rooftop.. Watching the fighting and drama unfold below in the dim alley. So Marza hadn't been lying... Not that he wanted to believe anything that she-bitch had to say to him. But there his friend was.. clear as day. The coon was chasing down a vampire soaked in fresh blood. Koroshi would wrinkle his nose at the scent. While yes, he himself was indeed a vampire.. Forced into the lifestyle by fate's cruel hand.. Or rather the cruel grasp of a vampire much stronger than his once human self had been, he still wasn't fond of the smell. He'd sigh heavily, watching the vampire just run.. And then he seen it.. The coon brought up a gun, firing it. Koroshi frowned gently.. Hinata.. Firing a gun.. It seemed so alien to him. Then again, the last few years since his siring, he had spent in seclusion. Locked away in a room where he could be watched. Only ever allowed out once in awhile. Something that had only recently changed. He'd stand, striding down the roof top, before kneeling again.. Gun shots rang out in the night.. Then silence. It was over. Ashes floated on the damp rain filled air. He'd move a hand, tucking wet strands aside before standing again.

Yes.. Hinata had changed.. Marza hadn't lied. But in the alley, he could also hear Hinata offering a faint, yet short and sweet prayer. No... Hinata hadn't changed that much. If anything, he was certain that it was he himself who had changed more. He'd start to walk across the rooftop. Silent footsteps carrying him over to the opposite roof ledge, only to jump to the next roof. He had no intension of starting anything with Hinata. While he knew what would have to be done, he wasn't going to drop down there and force Hinata to face off against him. Once on the next rooftop, he'd move over to a little alcove, opening a door to a fight of stairs to an apartment building. No, he didn't live here.. But the stairwell to the roof would at least provide him with shelter from the rain for a short time.

He'd close his eyes, thinking back to that night where everything had happened.. The way the church had been invaded.. And how everything had spiraled.. It angered him. But the anger was bit back... What use would it do him to become angry about a past he couldn't change? His eyes would open and he'd turn his gaze to the moon peeking through clouds above.. It looked peaceful..just hiding among the clouds.. He'd give his head a shake, his hands coming up to ring out his hair as he considered the night so far. No.. Hinata was the least of his concerns right now. And unless his old friend came after him, he had no intentions of going against him.. Not tonight.

After a moment, he'd leave the stairwell, quietly pulling the door shut behind him before taking off along rooftop to rooftop... Right up till he ran out of rooftop to run. When that happened, he'd scale down so far, then spring over to a lamp post to slide to the ground. Once on the ground, he'd head off for Guilty Pleasures. Perhaps a drink and if he could find it, a quiet corner booth was all he needed right now..*
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 3:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fayina Cyzarine
Vampiric Queen
Twin Sister of Nastasia Cyzarine

This night would find Fayina doing what Fayina liked best, tormenting those that she saw beneath herself. Although of course it wasn't utter malice, in her view it was more like teasing in her opinion. But of course, when it ended up with injury and blood loss... most others saw it as torment.  Cat and mouse games were one of her favorites.

Standing over the dead body of a would be mugger, she smirked as she slowly licked the blood off the tip of her fingers, the sharp redness of her gaze concentrated on her victim.  Mere human and he had dared to not only take her by surprise, but also tried to touch her.  She snickered as she crouched down.

"Do svidaniya," She whispered, tracing a nail down the dead man's cheek, leaving a small trail of blood in it's wake.  Straightening up, she brushed back her iridescent blue hair from her face and straightened out her clothing to look as noble as she always did. As she pulled the hood up of her black cloak to be over her head, she ran her tongue over her blue lips and turned her back on the one she had just drained and started making her way down the street.

Making long strides she would go over in her mind ideas of things that she could be doing this night, as she really didn't enjoy being bored. And boredom lead to her tormenting others. And while that was fun... she didn't want to do that too much or it would lose it's entertainment value. As she thought, she remembered the rumor about a place, a bar that catered specifically to vampires and decided to make her way out there.  That could break the tedium of this night and give her something new to explore.  Giving a nod to herself she would leap onto a nearby firescape, before climbing easily up the rest of the way to the roof.

From there she made her way to Guilty Pleasures, leaping down from where she had been, she looked up at the understated sign that identified the business, thinking about it shortly before she pushed open the door and made her way inside.  The cool air flowed over her skin as her eyes scanned over the interior. It was dark, without being gloomy in an elegant fashion. Fayina thought it could use more red, but overall it was fairly tasteful with an asian accent. The scents in the place were interesting as well. It was clear that they sold blood and artificial blood products.  The scent of the different sorts of vampires that were there also filled her nostrils. Giving a hum of thought, she decided it was worth a try, despite potentially being around those that were below her.  At least the owner seemed to be of nobility...

Slipping into a booth, she watched the girl that was on stage shortly before continuing to watch the rest of the patrons. Studying them, watching them...

Josai Houshu
Abandoned Vampire
'Father' of the Orphans

The male vampire stood outside of the bar known as Guilty Pleasures, gazing up at the sign from across the street, watching as a few people went in and out of the establishment. He hadn't ever been in the place, but had heard quite a bit about it and finally was taking the chance of going in... maybe.  Josai didn't spend much time around other vampires, considering that the main experience that he'd had any others was his sire.  And his sire.... well he didn't want to remember him and what he'd done to him.

And of course, he hadn't wanted to leave the ones that he looked on as his charges, but now that they were older and even had a home.... he was finally thinking of trying to enter.  There was always an excuse not to, in all honesty... but, perhaps something good would come of the experience.  

Taking a deep breath, Josai adjusted the glasses that he wore on his nose and crossed the street.  Although he was wearing a black suit with dress jacket and slacks, and a dark blue dress shirt underneath, he still looked younger.  It was hard to erase the fact that he had been turned at a young age, forever frozen there- even if he dressed older.  His stature made sure of that.  As he stood in front of the door, he fidgeted with adjusting his hair as he hesitated shortly before grasping the burnished gold handle and pushed it open, entering the bar.

Stopping just within the entrance, he studied the interior, the other vampires, everything with nervousness.  Josai was always painfully aware of his appearance, so was worried that someone would try to stop him from entering because he was 'too young'.  But as he tentatively made his way forward, and even though he was glanced at by a few, no one tried to stop him. Perhaps they could tell that he was older than he appeared.

It was a busy night in the establishment, not crowded but there were a fair few seats occupied already.  So nervous, Josai decided to find a corner booth where it was quiet and dark, and luckily there was one left.  Sliding into the booth, he fidgeted with the edge of his suit and waited for a menu to be delivered to his table so that he could see what was available.

Lei Shui Long

Tonight was definitely turning into a popular night indeed.  A bunch of new patrons were already there, and there was about to be one more. However, this new patron wasn't going there for any random reason, but to find someone specific.  It had been ages since she had seen him, and she was just a little excited to see him.  Unlike the others that had recently entered in those doors, Lei was dressed in light colors.

Standing under the street light gave the woman an almost ethereal glow as she stood in a white dress and matching bucket hat with black lining.  Long black hair was cut in a layered fashion, covering over one eye, but the other was a bright and deep blood red. The color ran in her family strongly after all.  She had a red hemp necklace looped about her neck, with a blue pendant, matching the red hempen bracelet on her right wrist. And on her right shoulder she sported a chinese tattoo.

A playful smile curled at her lips as she thought of seeing the person she had come seeking, and her eye even lit up in excitement before she made her way into Guilty Pleasures, letting the doors swing shut behind herself. Standing in the entrance way, she took it all in.  It was a wonderful establishment from what she could tell.  Attention was paid to detail, and the elegance didn't surprise her in the least.

As she studied the interior, she saw that the place had a singer, there was plenty of patrons currently within, there was a bar that had a few people sitting at it.  Including a cat eared vampire.  And her smile widened as she saw the one that was on the other side of the bar, taking care of things.

"Lao!!" The woman shouted out his name and darted across the floor from the entrance way and to the bar, leaping up onto a bar stool before throwing herself over the bar to throw her arms around Lao.  

Danny Vinterhaven
Transgendered Vampire
Sibling of Ryuto Vinterhaven

He sighed and ran his fingers through his soft colored hair, blue eyes closing for a few moments as the silence settled over the room. Sure there were still people talking, the clattering of dishes and the like... but the silence was that of Eisakuu's voice now that she wasn't singing.  Part of him felt like there was something missing without being able to hear her.  Not that he would say anything about it.  

Opening his eyes again, he looked over to the stage where she was currently sitting in order to catch her breath. Did he just continue to let his worries over power him, or should he get up and do something... What could he do without coming off as some sort of stalker or too bold. But perhaps she liked bold? Or maybe not... Chewing on his lower lip, Danny adjusted the cloth under his shirt that kept his breasts bound down.  

Finally coming to a decision, he straightened out his clothing and slid out of his seat to stand up.  His eyes flitting to and from Eisakuu, as nervousness filled his stomach. Would she like him? Or would she find him.... to be basically a freak like so many others would.  Swallowing hard, he decided to follow through on his decision and made his way around the one table between him and the stage, approaching the woman he had been coming to Guilty Pleasures for.

"G-good evening Miss," His voice, low and soft, almost feminine came out making him wince. There was no good way of hiding that. "I just wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful singing voice." Fidgeting he would smile to her.

Lao Hu Long
Owner of Guilty Pleasures

Lao smiled to himself as so many were entering the bar tonight. He had hoped that opening the place would end up being a good choice, and at least right now, it seemed to be a success. Although of course, he was also slightly distracted from that as well. Especially with who was sitting at his bar.  For the moment he continued to pretend ignorance of her presence, knowing that she sat down nearby.  It was amazing how ever since Rouka had started coming into his bar and speaking to him, that the memory of the one who his heart had belonged to was fading quickly.  It was a really long time ago of course, which helped, but there was just something so enchanting about the woman as well.

Turning after a moment there was a big grin on his face as he placed Rouka's favorite drink down in front of her, revealing that he had known that she was there the entire time.  Chuckling his blood red eyes glittered against the light with amusement.

"Good evening Rouka. How is your night going?" He asked her as he placed down the towel that he'd been holding to dry the glasses he'd been working on.  His eyes only moved away from her to glance around the place to see how things were going and how many people were about.  There was a bunch of new people, and it even seemed to appear like the one vampire who'd been coming in for Eisakuu was finally making a move. It had been pretty obvious to him by the way that he stared at her while she was performing. But either way his attention went back to Rouka, forgetting his surroundings for the moment.

With his attention firmly on Rouka and their conversation, he wouldn't notice the new person who had entered and he definitely would've recognized.  But that wouldn't take long before his attention was forced to her, as she cried out his name and drew his eyes.  Seeing who it was as she dashed over, he only had time to break into a grin and open his arms as she threw herself over the bar at him. Thankfully, she didn't break anything while doing so either.

"Lei!" Lao chuckled as he wrapped his arms about her and hugged her tight to himself, so happy to see her.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Senriel Cadarek
-Ancient Vampire-
-Last of The Cadarek Family-

Sen would just quietly lounge in his booth. His legs stretched out in front of himself over the rest of his seat. Perched with his back propped against the wall, it allowed him to keep a watchful eye on those around him.. This place was.. interesting. So many different people. Definitely more lively here than where he usually hung araound. He'd idly watch the others enter.. First there was the lovely blue haired lass... He'd watch her a moment.. Then there was the next one that entered.... Josai.. Lad looked young, but he doubted that was honestly the case.. After all.. one had to think about just what bar they were in.. It was likely that most of those present were older than they looked.

He'd close his eyes a moment.. Just, relaxing.. That was till a female's voice grabbed his attention.. Lei's greeting, then diving over the bar to the man behind it, he'd open his eyes watching. A soft chuckle escaping him.

Kelly Xinggande
-Lolita Gang Assassin-
-Guilty Pleasure's Waitress-

Busy as ever... Yep, lots to do.. And the place seemed to have a lot of activity tonight. Certainly not a slow night. Kelly would be found hard at work filling drinks, taking orders and bustling around the place. But also, staying out of the way as to not accidentally anger anyone. Dark puple hair flicked around her face, bells chimed from the pieces of hair that were tied off over her shoulders. She'd be just setting a young woman up with a drink when more entered.. Dark pink eyes would dart over towards the door to see who was there.

Many new faces.. Except for the young man that was up at the stage. She was surprised to see him make a move. But she hadn't beem blind either.. The young Chinese woman had certainly seen how he looked at the pretty singer. She thought it was cute, honestly. And then there was the pretty cat eared one.. She'd giggle to herself, remembering having seen how Rouka had looked upon Lou on the last visit they had gotten from her.

She'd move up to the bar, grabbing a few menus. New orders to take had presented themselves when the others had come in. And so she had put herself to work. She'd kinda skip her way over to Josai's table first. A happy little smile given to him as she'd bow her head lightly in greeting.

"Evening, sir. You want menu?"

She'd offer him one of the menus she had picked up while over at the bar. That always present half broken Chinese leaving her as she spoke. One thing that was certain, she was getting steadily better with her Japanese.. But, she also still had a loooooong way to go before she was there yet. A lot improving to do.

Eisaku Ryuunosuke
-Guilty Pleasures' Entertainer-
-Ryuunosuke Family Middle Sibling-

She was resting now, and relaxing. Four songs and it was definitely time to rest a bit. She'd likely sing some more, but even one of her kind has to stop from time to time. She'd tuck reddish-brown hair behind a pierced ear. Once comfy enough on the edge of the stage, she'd smooth out her skirt before picking up her cup, taking a small sip of the blood infused ginger ale.

Men in general scared her, but coming to the club so often, she had grown used to those that were regulars. Less likely to get panicky at least. She'd set the cup down, fiddling with a cord when she realized it was laying by her leg. Maybe odd to others, but yeah.. the cord distracted her for the moment. That was until she heard footsteps approaching, despite the noise from the club's dishes clattering and chattering of patrons.

She'd lift her gaze in curiosity. This one... She remembered him.. She had seen him quite often when she was up on stage. She'd smile softly watching him. Inside, she was a bundle of nerves, outwardly, she was calm. She wouldn't see him as a freak in the least.

"Hello there, sir.."

She came close to tripping on her words, but had managed to catch herself. She had definitely heard that female undertone in his voice though. She'd smile listening to him. She thought he was sweet honestly. Perhaps the first one, aside from Lao to compliment her singing.

"Thank you, sir."

Watching him fidget, the guy must have felt as nervous as she did. Not wanting things to get awkward, she'd offer a gentle smile.

"I'm Eisaku."

Rouka Swan
-Twin To Maru Swan-
-Queen Of The Damned-
-Chylde of Marza Wolfkill-
-Mother Of Arika & Anton Darkbane-

Oh she'd definitely agree.. The place was definitely a success. And tonight, it had more people in it than she had seen before. From what she remembered, it was usually the regulars she had often seen there. But tonight, so many new faces. New scents. Very interesting.. Or would be.. If she weren't distracted herself. And while he pretended to ignore her, she'd quickly smooth out the skirt of her dress, making sure it hadn't bunched up in embarrassing places. Her tail swaying happily, yet lazily behind her. Blond and black tipped/streaked hair hung faintly in front of her pale face.

For her, her past love interests were just that.. The past. Lord Drakanen had vanished centuries ago.. It was a bitter thing when it happened.. Having left her with a child to raise on her own. Then.. when the child became of age, he too was gone. Then she met Ryo so many centuries later..  Ryo seemed like such a gentleman.. Well until recently.. Well.. sort of recently.. Things happened.. things that lead to him being killed.. by her own hands. All in the name of protecting her children. But his memory was almost completely gone. Not because she had put it in the past - while she had in a sense - but more so because her friend.. Alice, had locked the memories away for Rouka. Bound them to help the vampiress get back on her feet a few years ago.

Unlike the past loves though, there was something about Lao that just.. drew her in. She honestly couldn't wait to see him and was always thrilled to see him. If she weren't in public, she may have even allowed herself to purr from the sheer happiness. Instead, she'd be content to just fidget with a menu and tuck and untuck her bare feet from under her seat from time to time.

She'd look up from the menu.. Granted, she didn't need the thing.. It helped her to fidget less at least... Anyway, she'd look up in time to catch that grin and she couldn't help but to smile back. Now her tail really got to swaying in just sheer happiness. Causing the ribbon attached to the end of her tail to flop side to side in a silly, almost.. child-like fashion.

"Evening Lao. It's going really good. How about yours?"

Giddy.. So giddy.. She'd suppress it though. She could be normal, damn it. Though, even if she only admitted it to herself... She was even better, hearing him. Instead, her senses were drawn to the sweet scent of her drink. To which, she'd nab a straw to get a quick sip of it, before looking back.

She was about say something, but that something would be forgotten as she'd watch Lei jump the bar and into Lao's arms. She'd watch them a moment, a soft chuckle escaping her. If she were to guess, she'd guess they were likely siblings. Mainly from the scent and from the fact that they kind of looked a bit like each other.

Koroshi Yoshizaki
-Ex Priest-
-Chylde of Marza Wolfkill-

In his chosen seat, he'd be more or less to himself. But the young vampire kept watch over all that went on in the place. Compared to everyone else in the bar, he would wager that he was likely the youngest vampire in the place. Hands folded on his table as he considered what he wanted to do.. Order a drink was definitely on the 'to-do list' ... But.. he was distracted. He had slid into his own thoughts.. Right up till Fayina entered, followed by the others. The blond would blink a few times, coming back to reality.

He recognized none of them.. Well save for the cat eared one. He had seen photos of her in Marza's office.. All of which were stabbed with various blades.. Marza clearly hated the cat eared one.. For what reason, he honestly didn't know.. Nor had he ever pried before either. No, he was smarter than that. Marza was temperamental and crazy. It was in his best interest not to pry.

He'd smile watching the commotion at the bar. It seemed the kind bartender had himself surrounded by ladies.

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