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Park Visit & Twin Mischief

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 2:22 am    Post subject: Park Visit & Twin Mischief  Reply with quote

Soken Hiyoshu Ishida

*The human world... It may have been summer, but it wasn't as warm as home was. Purple hair fell over his face as he'd asjust the hakuma pants he wore. No shirt, no shoes. His gaze dropped to the two small six year olds that stood at either of his sides. To his left, a yellow eyed boy, to his right, a green eyed boy.. Both identical.. save for the eyes. Soken usually only left Hell when he wanted to do something on his own accord.. But, his younger brothers did have a way of getting to the older male.*

"Koto, Kobo.. where isss it again that you wanted me to take you?"

~He really hoped this wasn't a complete waste of time.. Soken had been.. working.. if one wanted to call it that, when the twins had come charging in and started begging Soken to take them to the human world. For what purpose, they wouldn't tell him.  He'd reach down, taking their hands. One thing he refused, was to lose sight of his siblings.

In all honesty, compared to the twins, Soken would stick out like a sore thumb in the human world. Long, nearly knee length purple hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail. Leaving stray strands to lay wherever they wanted. Not like he cared at the moment. And because he had at least some grasp of his sanity tonight, he had appeared with human legs and in hakuma pants. No shirt, no shoes however.

Two-tone eyes of dark purple and pink-ish red swept the surroundings. Though perhaps the biggest thing to stick out was how his eyes were colored and his skin. The whites of his eyes were dark purple, while the iris was a pinkish-red. And his skin.. It was a medium gray-purple, with pink streaks that went from his head - hidden mostly by hair, down from his forehead and over  his eyes. The traveled down his cheeks, neck, chest and stomach.. the rest of the locations of the streaks were hidden by his pants.. And the streaks were also found on his backside.  And the pink streaks would then be visible on his feet, each stopping on a big toe. And then.. there was his ears and teeth.. Very sharp, shark/snake like teeth were visible each time he grinned or spoke. And his ears, they long fluted elf like ears.

When took the hands of his brothers, he was careful not to harm them with the sharp, dark pink claws that dotted each finger. He honestly hoped they knew what they wanted by bringing him here. He had been busy when they requested he leave his room.. and leave Hell. He'd tear his gaze from their surroundings, eyeing the tops of their white haired heads.

Kobo, the yellow-gold eyed boy would be the first to lift his gaze up to look at his brother. A smile touched the kid's face before he'd give a nod.~

Kobo: To the park. I heard there humans there..

After Kobo spoke, Koto would lift cat-green orbs to look up at Soken.

Koto: We want to play, big brother. And dad was too busy.

~The twins were hard to read.. But Soken was certain they were up to no good. He'd watch them a moment, before laughing. A forked tongue darting out to lick over his lips after he stopped.~

"You two are sssomething elssse.. Alright then. The park it isss. If you wander off, you're to meet me by the bridge. Got it?"

~The twins would exchange glances before nodding. Out of the twins, Kobo would be the more energetic one. As he'd be the one to roughly tug on Soken's arm, trying to pull him along, while Koto stood quietly, waiting. Though not feeling like walking, Soken would vanish from the gates of Hell, appearing in the park itself. He'd release his brother's after that.~

"Go play then.. I'll jussst.. wait here I sssuppossse.."

~When the twins had moved off and out of his sight, Soken would move to the bridge as promised, lazily flopping over on the railing. Purple hair pooled under him, around him and draped down over the railing as he lay there. After a bit, he'd dig a small book from his pocket and go to reading.~
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A soft melodic humming of an old song from centuries ago echoed through the park that night, sweet and tempting the female voice called out to the crisp air as the sound increased slowly in volume due to the fact the source was getting closer to the bridge where the male currently stood.  Although it would be a few more moments before she would come into sight, appearing almost as if she had stepped out of the darkness itself.  

The black cloak that sat over her shoulders had a hood that shrouded most of her face, however the lower portion could be seen, the only part of skin currently showing.  The pale skin was like lovely alabaster, framed by the long hair that draped out of her hood and down to her knees in front, an iridescent blue.  The wind played with the hem of her cloak, fluttering it about her legs to show the white and dark purple of her clothing with each step forward she made. Lips moved softly along with the song that she was humming.

Reaching the water's edge she stopped her movement, although she didn't stop her humming as she would gaze into the water. The lips turned into a cold smile as she gazed at her watery reflection with the moonlight in the background before her eyes drifted over towards the male that was laying on the bridge.  Studying his reflection first before her smile widened shortly and she started making her way towards him, still humming the haunting but lovely song.

This male was certainly different than the majority she had met, and she could smell the races of his lineage, so along with that his features intrigued her.  And whenever something intrigued Fayina, she just had to investigate it and he seemed worth investigating.  As her boots creased the grass beneath her feet with each step, her eyes stayed on the one reading upon the bridge, running over the lean body.

As her foot first stepped onto the wood of the bridge, it didn't make a sound of course, but the humming she had kept on going for so long ceased although she was still smiling. Making her way over to him, she placed her hands behind her back as she leaned forward to peer at the book that he was reading, her bright crimson eyes blinking curiously.

"Is what you're reading... interesting?" The question was purred out in her silky voice as those dark eyes shifted to look at him, her face mere inches away as a smile like that of a cat who'd eaten the canary curled over her elegant lips.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, 2014 10:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Soken Hiyoshu Ishida

Long ears twitched lightly to the sounds around him. For a moment, he was certain he had heard someone.. Moving? No.. that wasn't the noise.. whistling.. no no... that wasn't it.. His twisted mind tried to focus in on it... Though after awhile, he'd brush it off, flipping the page of his book. Although it wasn't long and the noise had his attention again.. It was.. humming.. And yet, he heard no footsteps. It was.. intriguing to say the least. He'd cast a quick glimpse around his surroundings.. Though at first, he seen no one.. So his gaze returned to what he was reading.

Two pages later, his gaze came up to find that the source of the humming was now on the bridge. The book was leaned forwards, towards his chest as he peered lazily over it. Ah.. so the lovely sound of the humming had belonged to this lady. He honestly couldn't see her well enough to say rather or not she was lovely.. But the song was. For the moment, he'd be distracted.. He was watching her and watching how the wind moved her hair. Just from watching her, he had a feeling she wasn't human. Especially when he caught sight of her skin. There weren't many humans with that skin tone.

The book was moved back so he could read more, although now he was paying closer attention to her. Paying attention, to see where she went and what she might do. He was curious. Still, he couldn't hear any footsteps from her.. That only made him more certain she wasn't human. When the humming ceased, he'd move his gaze off his book and back to her.

"Ah.. ssso you're the one that wasss humming.. The song isss beautiful, nyonya.. jussst thought it'd be worth sssaying."

He'd grin as he spoke, those sharp pointed teeth visible for the moment. Although when she commented on the book, he'd look back at it. The grin only widening.

"Ah yesss.. It'sss a fun manga.. Humansss torturing one another, blaming it on a cursse.."

He'd offer it to her. Honestly, Soken had no qualms about sharing his precious find.. Yes.. a random manga book had become a precious discovery. And why not? He had discovered it while walking the human world on his last visit. To him, it was just laying around. Would he admit that he took it off a table and started to read it... and eventually left with it? Probably not..

He'd ponder a moment before attempting to tell her what it was.. Ah he was sure he'd butcher the name of it trying to say the name of the book.. But he could try.. In fact, he would try.

"Higurassshi.. needles in food.. Toying with mindss.."

His voice was a strange sounding one. It was a both deep and yet soft all at the same time. As if there were two voices tangled together when he spoke. Not to mention that serpent hiss he carried with each word he uttered. Watching the grin that she sported, he'd chuckle. He found this lady to be.... amusing.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 6:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When Fayina noticed that she was being watched a bit by the purple haired male, she seemed even more amused, her smile widening.  The colors that decorated him was certainly not something you would see commonly, and the uniqueness of that made her want to get closer to see.  Not just that of course, but it was one reason.

As his eyes came up to her, she met them confidently as she heard his voice. Even more interesting with the mixed tones of his voice...

"Why thank you," Fayina replied to his compliment of the song she had been humming.  Now that she was closer to him, it wouldn't be too hard for him to see underneath her hood now, especially the bright crimson eyes that gazed at him, "It's an old song from my homeland." She told him, before she got an answer to her question regarding the book that he was reading.  Peering at the manga, she studied the cover as he would tell her about it. Hearing the description of the book, she smirked maliciously as she gave a soft laugh.

"Oh that seems about normal for human behaviour," She stated with a laugh, causing her vampiric fangs to be flashed.  Taking the offered book from him, she examined it, flipping through the manga book idly, she scanned the pages. "And making it into entertainment..."  Fayina snickered with a slight shake of her head before she returned the book to him, having read through the important bits already.

Leaning against the railing of the bridge then she pushed back the hood of her cloak to let all of her bright blue hair fall forward out of the confines and fully framing her pale face.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Soken Ishida

He'd sit up a bit. Though not fully. To him, this was comfortable. Yes.. a railing to a bridge.. was comfortable. A smile was given when he heard her speak.

"You're very welcome, nyonya."

When she close enough, he did steal a peek under her hood. Yes.. he was certain this was not a human he spoke with. Being that she wasn't one, that actually made him more inclined to stay put rather than bother with moving himself away.  Ah.. so it was from her homeland? He didn't know where she was from, but he did like the song. It was a pretty song and interesting. Interesting because he had never heard it before. He liked hearing new things.

Hearing her response about the managa, he'd nod softly in agreement.

"It isss typical of them. But it never ccceassses to amussse. They really are an interessting breed."

When the book was handed back, he'd kind of hold it to his chest. Yes.. his precious little book. Sometimes he wondered what he'd find when he visited the human world. So many interesting things.

He'd blink a few times watching her as she leaned on the rail. And as if suddenly remembering something, a large grin took his lips as he'd hold out a hand to her.

"I'm Soken."

Kobo & Koto Nagisa

Across the park near the woods, Kobo would roll on the ground again. This was a tactic the boys used often. Roll on the ground, make themselves look filthy.. Make it look as if they had been on the streets for some time. Koto would look over to his twin, grinning. The tips of fangs visible.

Koto: How do you want to play it tonight, Bo?

A snicker escaped him as he'd scratch his arm with a thorny stick. It didn't draw blood, but it left a welt. He knew it was best to look dirty and rough around the edges when dealing with humans. It usually worked to rip and pull on heart strings of the foolish and naive. Green eyes watched his brother expectantly as he'd pass him the thorny stick.

Kobo would gingerly take it after he rolled one more time in the dirt. The stick was then placed on his own exposed skin, scraping along it. Just like his brother, he was careful not cut it. Just pressing hard enough to leave welts before the stick would be discarded into the weeds near by.

Kobo: Well.. I think if we're lucky, we'll find someone walking.. If not, there's always the option of knocking on doors. Wonder though how long Soken will wait for us...

He'd bring up his hands and place them in his hair. Neat hair.. dirty, scratched body.. It didn't look right.. So he'd mess his hair up before doing the same to his brother's. When Ko grabbed at Ko's hair and messed it up, Ko would huff and push his brother's hand back.

Koto: Not the hair!

Kobo: It don't matter.. it can be washed and brushed later..

Bo would roll his eyes before scooping up a dirty old cup he found, his foot kicking the other to his brother. He'd pause suddenly... A grin taking the golden eyed boy's face.

Kobo: Are you ready yet? I got an idea!

The grin would take on a more wicked appearance. Almost like the cat who had eaten all the birds in a bird cage, plus the gerbil. He'd bounce happily. And Koto.. He'd tilt his head curiously. Green eyes sparkling softly as he considered his brother.

Kobo: Let's do that one thing! You know, one distracts, the other pounces!

Koto's eyes widened in mischief. A grin taking his lips that mirrored his twin's. He'd give an excited almost chirp before hugging his twin tightly.

Koto: I love it! So.. who gets to pounce? Oh please say me!

He'd release his brother and bounce from foot to foot. His hands balled into fists and held by his chest as he moved. Kobo would giggle, watching his twin.

Kobo: Rock, paper, scissors? I bet I win!

Koto: Oooh! I like that! And no you won't! I will!

He'd spring backwards, his hands taking the position to start the 'game'. The cups the boys had been holding would be both dropped. Kobo would grin widely, fangs fully visible as he'd take the stance to play as well. Left hand under his right, the right balled in a fist.

Both: Rock! Paper! Scissors! GO!

Kobo: Wha? ... You won! Nooo! Best two out of three?

Koto: No way! I won! You get to be the bait!

Kobo would huff, his arms crossing over his little chest. After a moment, he'd give a heavy sigh before bending, scooping the old cup up again and standing straight.

Kobo: Fine! But next time, I get to pounce!

Koto would grin before skipping ahead.

Koto: I need to find a place to hide. But.. let's find our toy!

He'd pause, grabbing his brother's hand and practically pulling him with him. Kobo resisted only a second before laughing and running with his brother. A few minutes later, at the edge of the park, that's when they spotted her.. A woman walking alone. From the scent in the air, both would decide she was human. Koto would split off, and vanish into the forest area, finding a place to hide.

While Kobo pretended to be interested in a berry bush, pretending to pick the berries. They weren't edible ones though.. Not that he honestly knew that. He was just a six year old boy. The only thing he knew, was they were berries.. But it wasn't like he was going to honestly eat them anyway. They didn't smell good to him anyway. When she got close enough, he'd pretend to pop one. Although, in truth, he had merely dropped it down his shirt. Out of sight.

The woman would blink as she happened upon the dirty young child. It was late.. And yet... Here was this child... Realizing what he had, she'd approach.

"Hey kid, those aren't for eating.. They'll make you really sick.. Please tell me you didn't..."

She'd trail off when he turned to face her.. At first glance, he'd look like a heart broken little boy. The dirt made her think he was abandoned or maybe orphaned.

He'd pause, holding them out to her. It was a quiet way of saying 'ok.. then you have them.'

Kobo: .. But.. I'm so hungry.. Mommy and daddy burned all up.. I'm all alone...

He had remembered Soken mentioning something about a house fire not too long ago. It seemed like the perfect thing to use. And it seemed to work as she'd start to move in closer in concern. Tears began to roll down his cheeks.. He honestly looked to be crying. But in truth, inside, he was laughing hysterically.. The tears were those of joy.. Because the more he spoke, the closer the woman got.

The woman would listen to him. The poor kid sounded so heart broken. And it broke her own heart to hear him. She'd move up closer, kneeling in front of him. A hand being placed on one of his small shoulders.

"It's ok, sweety.. Let's go get you something to eat.. And perhaps some clean clothes. You seem like you've been out here for a long time.."

Hearing her, he'd sniffle and rub at his face, as if to try and wipe away the tears. This only made the dirt smear into mud. He'd give a soft nod.

Kobo: I've been sleeping in there..

He'd motion to the forest behind him. His gaze lifting to look up at her, before looking away.

Kobo: My puppy is in there though.. I don't want to leave him..

Over head in the trees, Koto would blink at his brother. This was why he preferred to be the one to pounce. He could never ham it up quite the way his brother did. As for the woman, she'd glance towards the woods. She couldn't see anything in there.. It was very dark.. Her gaze went back to the boy.

"Have you been staying in there with no light source?"

Her brow creased in concern. She was certain this poor kid had to be terrified. Kobo would nod softly. His hands fidgeting as he looked down.

Kobo: Yeah.... But my puppy keeps me company.. But now it's so dark in there.. I can't see him. I'm scared to go back in there..Something growled at me..

He'd take on a frightened look as he seemed to think about it. The woman would pull him to her, hugging him softly before releasing him.

"I'll go with you to get him. How does that sound, little one?"

Kobo: Y-You'd really do that, lady?

Frightened but grateful eyes stared up at the woman. She'd rise and start towards the forest. A small flash light produced from her pocket. It was one of those used for finding the keyhole to a door.. not really a proper flash light.. But it gave some light, even if only dull. Once she had it, and the button held down, she'd start into the forest.. And Kobo would follow. His hands going behind his back as he quietly tailed behind her. The further in they got, the closer Kobo would edge.

Overhead, Koto would jump branch to branch, much like a stalking cat would when following birds.

After so long, she'd finally speak.

"So.. Where is this puppy?"

Kobo: We're close, lady.. He's right up ahead..

He'd move out from behind her after that, a hand came up, knocking the light and key combo from her hands. When the light went out, Koto would drop from the trees, landing on the woman's shoulders. The shock of it, would send the woman flailing to the ground.

Kobo: We're gonna play a game, lady! And you can't say no.

Koto: But there's one catch..

Kobo: That's right.. You can't leave the forest.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 12:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"That they are," Fayina snickered in response to Soken's words regarding humans being interesting, "So easy to manipulate and pull their strings." Lifting both her hands, one turned to mimic the dance of a puppet on strings, her other hand gripping the imaginary strings.  Ah,yes how she loved to make them dance to her tune, whether that be to feed her, provide her with an outlet for her lust, or simply to be her entertainment. Shifting again as she dropped her hands down, she would lean up against the railing of the bridge once more near him, resting on her elbows.

As he extended his hand to her, Fayina blinked a little, looking at the slender hand with a curious look before she moved to offer him her hand in return. Grasping Soken's hand, she smirked in her self confident way.

"Soken, hm?" Repeating his name with soft amusement, that purring voice caressing each word, like a snake winding it's way around it's prey.  She had no issue with the drawn out 's' that he seemed to speak with. After all, she was more likely to respect non-humans than humans. "Fayina Cyzarine. Your pleasure I'm sure." Although she spoke arrogantly, there was a tone of playfulness within her words as well. As far as she was concerned it was anyone's honor/luck to meet her specifically, but she also didn't particularly care. Her hand was cold as alabaster stone, touched by the night time and yet so soft and pliable, it could only be clear that she was a sensual creature.

Once she took her hand back, she shifted the way that she was leaning against the railing, turning her brilliant crimson eyes to the moon that shone over head. "I smell... sulfur," Fay stated with a knowing grin, her vampiric fangs flashing, "What brings you to the surface world?" She asked curiously, eyes narrowing to reflect her thoughts as she studied him. How interesting he was so far, as she wondered what this night would bring.

Elsewhere in the park, the spirit within began to wake as the chaos that was being created brougt her attention to it. Certainly, nothing was being destroyed per se, beside the occasional twig but that was normal entropy of the world. There was no extra destruction going on, but that didn't mean it didn't draw her attention.  After all, she did get bored now that she had woken from her ages old slumber.

Two toned eyes of blue and green slid open, glowing lightly in the darkness that surrounded her, the slender and small being stretched out her unclothed body. The nature of the park whispered to her as always of everyone that came and went within her domain, but right now she ignored everything, including the hellspawn and the vampire for favor of the twin hell spawn and their mischief for the woman that they were tormenting.

Like a shadow, she had followed Koto, blending into her surroundings as she went from one to the next.  Silent, without scent that could be differed from the plantlife around her, the only way one would know of her presence would be to see her with their own eyes in the split second before she was gone onto the next location.  Right now, her hair was the same dark lush green that graced the leaves in the trees and bushes since it was summer, helping her to blend in even further.

The two made their move then on the woman that had offered her help to Kobo and lead them into the wooded area to find the fictitious puppy that the little boy spoke of. She knew there was none, but the fact that the human woman fell for it so easily was almost amusing in and of itself.

So, for now, she would simply watch what they were doing. Inching forward, her glowing eyes were on the scene but just out of sight of the boys.  Giving it a few minutes at least to let it progress.

"What are you doing?" Her voice, like the whispering of the wind through leaves brushed past their ears as she emerged a little bit, her head tilting a bit and the pale moonlight glowing off her even paler bare skin.
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 8:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Soken Ishida
-Uncle Of Many-
-Assassin For Hire-
-Older Half Brother Of A Few-
-Younger Half Brother Of Many-

He'd chuckle watching her mimic the puppet motion. Ah yes, he did enjoy watching little mortals dance when tormented.. Though he more so.. enjoyed watching the shows of turmoil when the little mortals realized they were screwed.. That to him was always amusing and.. entertaining. Loved to see just how far he could push them before breaking them.

"Ah but my favorite thing by far, isss watching how much they can take before sssnapping."

A wide grin touched his face for a moment as he poked a caterpiller on the railing, watching it scrunch up before retracting his hand from it. And then he was right back to looking completely relaxed.. Just.. chilling. The coldness of her hand also did not bother him, although it did catch him a bit by surprise. He himself would warm to the touch. Actually, warmer than what a normal mortal would be. Kind of like touching something that had been left in a hot car for maybe a bit too long. Very warm yet soft.

When her hand was released, his own hand would go back to resting lazily on the railing.

"Pretty name.."

He hadn't missed the arrogant sound, but it didn't bother him either. Honestly, he found her interesting. And much like her, he respected non-humans and only socialized with non-humans. Humans on the other hand... well.. that was different. Humans were little more than play things, test subjects and food to him.

At her mention of sulfur, he'd pretend to sniff at his wrist, a coy little grin making it's presence on his fac.. Okay.. more like an mock innocent smirk/smile.

"Ah yes.. that ssscent.. it followss me and my family.. It, erm... enjoysss are company I ssssupose."

A cheesey joke at best.. But no one ever said the man was a comedian. In truth, he probably wasn't that good at cracking jokes. He'd push stray strands from his face before sitting up, letting his legs dangle down over the bridge.

"Ah.. That is ssomething I don't even know exactly.. My younger brotherssss, you sssee, wanted to visssit.. Thisssss is where they wanted to come to. Ssso here we are. And here they're not. Ssssomething about humansss in the park that they wished to sssee."

A half sort of motion was given towards the forest after that. Enough of a motion to cause the tips of his claws to glimmer faintly in the moonlight. Well the glimmer lasted only a moment before his hand was back on the railing and the claws resting lightly against the wooden beam.

"They went that way.. I'd wager they're giving ssssomone a run for all they got right about now."

He'd chuckle at that last bit. If he knew his brothers, the two were likely causing more than their share of mischief in that general direction. The two were only six year old children, but... they were also young half vampires/hellspawn.. Anything was honestly possible to happen. Especially when those two were involved.

Kobo & Koto Nagisa
-Identical Twins-
-Younger Half Brothers Of Many-
-Older Half Brothers Of Jinta Valdez-

Koto would produce a small switch-blade from his pocket. Where he had gotten the blade was anyone's guess. But somehow the kid had it. He'd step forward, grinning up at the woman. Even in the dark of the forest, through his cat-like green orbs, he could see her just fine. A mocking little grin settled over the kid's lips.

Koto: What do you think of starting with tag, Bo?

He'd shift his gaze to his twin. Kobo would grin, listening, before stepping up beside him. His arms crossed over his chest as he stared up at her. After a moment, he'd turn his gaze to Koto.

"Oooo! You mean some cat and mouse? I thought she was food.. But... that does sound like more fun.."

Koto would pat the golden eyed boy's shoulder with his free hand. The other still holding the blade.

Koto: Oh she's still food, brother.. But it'll be more fun to see how far she can get.

Kobo would half snicker, half giggle as he listened to his brother. Oh yes, he liked that idea the more Koto spoke of it. He'd drop his arms from their folded position, to resting them at his side as he considered the woman.

"Run, lady.. Run.. We'll even give you a headstart!"

He'd lunge at her, only for the woman to scream and take off into the woods. The boys would exchange glances before both burst out laughing and gave chase. This was all a game to them. Had they been older, there was no telling just what they might have done to the woman aside from just scaring her shitless. But for now, scaring the human and tormenting her was a game that they were eager to enjoy.

She didn't get very far.. Maybe just a few feet, and Kobo would leap from the trees again, just as before. This time, he'd go for her ankles, biting the back of her right ankle. It was a hard enough bite to draw blood. He'd let go once she hit the ground, only to lay there, blood speckling his lips and cheeks.. And the child lay there laughing as if someone had just told him the most hilarious joke.

Koto would be right behind him. When the woman went down, he'd jump and land straddled over her upper half, seated on her back. He'd stab her shoulder before licking at the blood. The woman squirmed, he was sent toppling once she managed to knock him off. He'd kind of roll to the side, head over heels before landing upside down. He'd lay there laughing as he watched her. The woman just kind of scrunched and clumsily squirmed away from them, trying to see them. It was dark.. She could hear them, but she could barely make out their forms.

That's when the boys heard the spirit speak. Both would stop laughing, exchange glances before looking around. Kobo would be the first one to spot her. He'd blink a few times. She wasn't like any mortal he had ever seen before. And Koto would blink, looking around once more before finding her as well. Both twins would give a big, proud smile.

Koto: We're playing a game, lady.. It's fun.

He'd laugh before looking to his brother and then the frightened human. And Kobo, he'd grin wiggling side to side as if dancing while seated to some unheard tune.

"She didn't wanna play at first. Almost like she's never played this before."

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