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The Death of a Plague

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:54 pm    Post subject: The Death of a Plague  Reply with quote

Continued from:

This time it was the loud, clashing, pulsing music that attracted it, that drew the blackness, the darkness in.  The discordant harmonies, the harsh pounding beats.  It was interesting and caused the shadows to sway back and forth in time with it as it made it's way down back alleys towards the source.  Sliding by those none the wiser of it's presence, those few lucky that would never know just how close they came to living death.

The clash of darkness and light intrigued the darkness, lit up and yet ever so dark as it got closer and closer to the Trance.  The scents of the meat, of it's prey wafted on the air, ever more pungent by the sweat and pheromones floating through, created by the grinding bodies rubbing against each other. Blood and alcohol, drugs, and all of it were just spices to it's upcoming meal.  

Black tendrils caressed over the building and a bike that sat at the front of it as it hid within the shadows, masking itself within the darkness so that it could not be seen, told from the rest.  It tasted something particularly wicked, something that smelled strongly. This was a different kind of prey... it was intrigued at getting to try it, and so it waited as long as would be necessary.

Thankfully it didn't take long for it's intended prey to show up, a rat anthro, lighting up a cigarette it seemed as he was making his way to the side of the building.  It waited patiently, lurking in the shadows as it watched the rat making his way to a spot that it could snatch him from easily and without worry of others seeing the abduction.

As the rat stepped into the perfect spot, the black tendrils slid out from the shadows and curled around the rat's body, around his muzzle and body and yanked him back into the darkness.  Tearing into the furry flesh, it savored the different sort of meat. This time, instead of simply leaving roughly half an intact carcass, it tore off the bits that it wanted, discarding the bits that it didn't want into the dumpster that was nearby.  This of course would create what was like a macabre work of bloody art, with the splatter arcing all over the back alley as it feasted on the anthro.

By the time that it was done, it left the alley a gorey mess. Pieces of him clung to a wall, and the biggest part of his body hung half way in and half way out of the dumpster, blood dripping down the metallic side.  Salem was dead.

As it would make it's way out of the dark alley then, it did seem to have to stop for a short moment, making a sound like something that was going to be sick, although it wouldn't. But still it seemed a little nauseous due to it's latest meal. Perhaps because of how slimey it's prey this time was.... and with that, it was gone.

About an hour would pass this time before the body was found.  One of those that had been inside was calling it a night, as she went out the door of the Trance.  Slinging her red guitar over her shoulder to carry it comfortably, she would run her fingers through her short hair that fringed her face, bright yellow eyes glittering from behind them.  As usual she was wearing a black tanktop, clean of course and camo jeans, her studded belt matching the bracelet on one wrist.  

Humming to herself her latest song, she slipped her hands into her pockets as she walked along.  However... something would catch her attention as she passed the dark back alley. The sharp scent of blood and rotting flesh, reached her sensitive nose, causing her to stop and peer towards it. Narrowing her gaze she leaned forward, pursing her lips, as the scent was quite strong...

"I hope this doesn't land me in some deep shit," Leiko muttered to herself as she looked around to see if there was anyone or anything else around. There was nothing else that she could tell around, but amongst the scents in the air, it wouldn't be the most difficult task for something to hide.  Creeping forward, she tried to explore the area, one step at a time.  Until she came to an abrupt stop at the sight before her.

"Holy fucking mother of god," She whispered as those yellow eyes widened at what she saw, one of her hands coming out as she braced herself against the wall, slightly having stumbled in shock. That was not a sight that she was expecting to see, that was for sure.  Taking a step back then she looked around inquiringly, "What... what the hell do I do?"  Asking that aloud of herself, she quickly decided to turn around so she didn't have to stare at the gore that littered the alleyway. She had seen some really bad nightmares in her time, but even this was a bit up there for her.

Pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, Leiko dialed emergency services.  "Hello?  Yeah, I'm at the Trance and someone's... been torn apart.  Yeah, yeah, I'm sure, the fucking alley is covered in guts and blood and half the body is hanging out of the goddamn dumpster! So yeah, I'm sure the poor fucker is dead!" She spoke to the other person on the other end of the phone, rolling her eyes at the question she was asked.  "It's in the alleyway closest to the place. No, no I don't want to give my name or number, I ain't involved and don't want to be, so no I am not waiting around for you guys.  You won't be able to miss it, I guarantee it."  And with that she hung up. As she'd said, there was no way in hell that she wanted to be involved in this mess and why would she want to hang around the gore?

"Fuck," Swearing under her breath as she put her cellphone back into her pocket, Leiko made her way back towards the Trance's doors, "I definitely need a drink."  So, making her way inside, Leiko made a beeline straight for the bar...
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2014 12:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Kenjiro Beni-Zorion & Kurama Rokuyukai

Ikuko 'Grim Reaper' Twilight & Gin Shioya

Yep.. Salem had definitely reeked that night. Drugs, alcohol.. most of which he had dumped on himself when he had tripped earlier on in the evening. And the smell of sex was all over him... not from a willing target either. They'd probably later find the poor woman he attacked laying in a backroom come closing time. But it didn't matter.. Salem stepped out, went for his bike, swaying drunkenly as he moved.. and then.. he was grabbed. Eyes widened and he never got the chance to even make a peep. He did lash out. Did try to claw at walls and other items near by. At one point, kicked his bike over.. But in the end, it made no difference.. Death met him head on. And he'd be left, torn to shreds...ribbons even.. He was gone.

People most likely wouldn't mourn him though. The things he had done, the betrayals, the rapes.. The..well.. just everything. Including framing his own boy for murder a few years ago.. His boy who still sat in prison to this day. And those that would miss the rat, were probably very few and far between.

On a roof, Grim stood quietly.. Invisible to the human eye as he quietly watched everything... And when Salem had been finished off, Grim's arms crossed lightly over his chest as he considered it all. He couldn't see what had done it.. But if there was one thing he was certain of, it was nothing he had ever encountered before. At least he didn't think so. None of his memories matched such an occurance at least. Perhaps that was a good thing though.. His tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth.. Watching as Leiko discovered the mess, made the call and went back inside.. Perhaps he'd linger here a little longer.. Not that the old reaper enjoyed the scene, but more so out of curoisity.

It was after the call and Leiko having gone back inside that Kenji would be found making his way up the street. Although wasn't alone either. Next to him, another male walked. A Bloody Talon. Kurama, the one armed messenger. The two were talking about a new movie that was coming out soon. When they got up by the Trance however, conversation ceased almost immeditately as they moved into the alley. Kurama wrinkled his nose in disgust.

Kurama: Fuck, ... shit....  something go rabid? I've seen some shit and left some pretty gruesome things on jobs.. But this..

The white haired man would cover his nose with his hand to his existing arm, watching the mess. After a moment, he'd turn and go the other direction. The long way around seemed like a better option. He suddenly had the feeling this place would be crawling with cops soon.. and honestly, Kurama had no interest in dealing with that shit.

And Kenji.. He had been silent through his friend's comments.. Mostly because he was trying to keep his lunch.. He had killed many people before.. But that was far out of his league. He'd turn away from it after a moment and follow Kurama.

"Hey, wait up... "

There was silence a moment between the men before Kenji would speak again.

"That.. What could have done that? And the remains.. I think I recognize it.."

Kurama would shrug his shoulders.

Kurama: Fuck if I know. Honestly I don't give a shit. It's sick.. And yes.. I recognize it too.. Only one rat I know of that wears that much fuckin' leather.. And carries that stench..

Kurama's nose wrinkled in disgust. He didn't feel sorrow for Salem. And why would he? The two constantly fought. At one point, Kurama had threatened to slice Salem's throat only to get shoved into a wall.. A fight would have erupted, but lucky for Salem, it had been stopped before it started. That had been weeks ago.

As for Kenji... He'd shudder at the image now stuck in his head, as they left the alley and stopped at the backside of the Trance.. The entrance to the catacombs of the night club faced them. They could go this way or just walk around.. To go this way, they risked running into those horrid demons that lived under the Trance.. Kenji still remembered his last encounter with them. He'd nudge Kurama.

" I think we should go around.. I'd rather not deal with the freaks under this place."

Kurama: Afraid of the slug people, Kenji?

"No. I just know first hand what they're capable of..."

Kurama would lift a brow at him before nodding in agreement. After that scene, Kurama honestly wasn't in the mood to agrue. So long way taken, they'd get to the entrance before going in. Kenji would pause to look around, though the thoughts were pushed aside when he spotted Leiko. A happy smile given as he moved to the bar. And Kurama, he'd move off to the restrooms.

At the police station, Gin would look up. Watching as one of the officers hung up, looking truly disturbed. His questioning look hadn't been missed. Gin would be told of the call and Gin would get up. This wasn't his territory. He was a traffic cop.. Nothing more when it came to serving the police. He'd give a small sigh,snatching his keys off his desk and head off to go find one of the detectives. The one that had taken the call was clearly too disturbed to do it themselves.. And while Gin wasn't exactly the nicest of police officers, he had decided to be at least somewhat nice tonight. Though after a look around, he found so far none of the homicide detectives, either they weren't there or were out to dinner.. So he'd do the next best thing.. He'd go to the dispatch room. When he got there, the dispatch officer working would blink up at him.

Dispatch: You're not supposed to be in here.

"Believe me, I know that. But I have information.. There's been another murder. This time the Trance.."

The man sitting at the desk would blink up at him. Yeah, he heard Gin right.. But.. Still.. it wasn't something he was expecting to hear. He'd nod lightly as he watched the taller male.

Dispatch: ... Alright.. Erm.. Let me see if I can radio the detectives.. Why don't you go ahead and get out of here before the Deputy Chief finds you in here?

Gin would kind of shrug before leaving the room.  The dispatch seemed to have it under control, so Gin seen no reason to stay in there.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It wasn't long after Leiko had disappeared into the Trance in order to calm her nerves and try to drink away the image that was burned into her mind, that another reaper would appear beside Grim. The adopted son of the Grim Reaper had arrived himself as well. These deaths and killings were great curiosities in the under world. No one seemed to know what was committing them, or where it came from. It had people terrified. Not Jichou of course, or other reapers.

The wind caught at the long black trench coat that he wore, along with his long hair, some of it braided back and draped down his back. Dark eyes looked over the alley way full of gore and body parts, before they shifted to his adopted father.

"Have you ever seen anything like this?" Jichou asked in his thickly deep voice of his, frowning softly.  They couldn't exactly be meddling, but truth certainly was that whatever was going on was truly a curse on the city.

As for Leiko, as soon as she was back into the crowded and smelly club, she made a beeline for the bar. She was going to drink herself right into a stupor, at least that's what she intended to do.  Slipping onto a stool there, she groaned and palced her head into her hands, clenching her eyes closed shortly. Although, as soon as she was asked what she wanted, she blinked and peered up from under the long bangs of her short hair.

"The hardest shit you have, absinthe, vodka, rum. Throw it all together!" Waving her hand dismissively as if to just say go do it, she shifted her guitar off her shoulder to lean up against the bar beside her.  Even while this distraught, the demon didn't want the guitar to be far from her.

However, before she could receive her drink, Kenji and Kurama walked into the bar.  After lifting her head up from her hands, she would have looked around slowly, wondering who was there that night. Not really caring mind you, but it was a distracted curiosity.  Her mind was more on what she had seen.  Perhaps she was considering if she knew who it was that had been killed.  

Thankfully, it was right about then, that she spotted Kenji.  Blinking, a tired but happy smile curled across the rocker chick's face.

"Kenji!" She called him and lifted her hand to wave at him, the spiked bangles on her wrists jangling lightly. "Oh thank god you're here!" Leiko called out to him, raising her voice to try and be heard over the raucous of the place.  Thankfully she knew how to make her voice carry.

It would seem that the first detective to pick up the call when the dispatcher rang it through, would be Juudan.  The canine/feline cross was sitting in her car with the scanner turned on as she had been enjoying a beer in the slightly nippy night air, relaxing but also being ready to jump on any call that came through.  There had been a lot of trouble recently, what with the murders going on. And they weren't even from the one murderer.  So she was pretty confident that she would hear something.  As the voice of the dispatcher crackled to life over the radio, her pointed ears twitched and she quickly put her beer down and snatched up the com.

"Detective Satsujinka here, what's that again dispatch?" She queried as she leaned back on an object, shifting the black vest that she wore to be more comfortable as she kept herself alert to what was being said.  It wouldn't be long before her nearly glowing blue eyes widened, her dark blue hair falling over her face a little.

"What?! There's been another murder?"  Juudan asked, the grey furred and striped woman gaping a little bit. She wasn't surprised really that there was, but shocked overall. It was terrible that another murder had occured, one of those horrible, terrifying murders that disturbed any officer who saw the scene. "At the Trance. Alright, I'll head over there right now." Hanging up her mic, she sighed heavily and combed back her hair from her face, flicking her tongue over her muzzle shortly. "Dammit all."

Juudan put the beer away so that it wouldn't spill on her before she got set up in her seat, pulling her car keys out of her pocket and slipped it into the ignition. With a quick turn, the car jumped to life easily, purring as she pulled her seatbelt down and across her chest to click it in. With that done, she pulled her car door shut and started off towards the Trance.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Grim was quiet, watched the lass go inside.. Then his gaze was back on the.. gruesome scene. Not far from it, Salem's wispy spirit formed.. Dazed and confused, beside what remained of himself. The old reaper would mutter a soft spell under his breath, sending the wispy formation of the rat on. Certain that Lucifer would want to see that.. greaseball face to face. Well.. as face-to-face as you can get with a spirit. It was also highly unlikely that Tokyo would ever see Salem again.. Doubtful that Lucifer would even allow him to return as a ghost.

Dark brown eyes would lift from where he had been focused however when he heard his son speak. A hand came up from his cloak, scritching lazily at his chin as he considered the macabre scene below..

"No.. I haven't. This is the first time I've ever seen something this...disgusting... The creature, I couldn't see it.. But I could hear it eat the bastard.. Almost wonder if your grandfather knows of anything like this.. Whatever it is, it made short work of the slime ball."

Grim had always considered Lucifer as his father. As it was Lucifer who had given him a... second chance.. of sorts many centuries ago. It had, in short, earned the reaper's trust and respect. As for Salem and the little pet names for him, it probably wouldn't come as a surprise if one were to learn that Grim had made wagers with others on how much longer that rat would live for. Honestly though, Grim didn't picture him getting killed this way. He always figured Salem's death would come from ODing or pissing off the wrong person.

He wasn't scared though. Oh no. He was just curious and maybe a little concerned. But that was about it. The other reapers though, he understood some of them were fearful.

"That cat that kills at the Wharf, he's nothing compared to this thing.."

He sadly, agreed though.. Tokyo had inherited one hell of a curse. This was something he had never seen before. This whole thing, had left more questions than answers for him.  Lucky for him, he wasn't a cat though. And even luckier, he was already dead himself.

Inside the bar, Kenji honestly wanted a drink himself. Or maybe a few.. After that scene, his mind was still reeling. He didn't envy the person that had found it, and certainly didn't envy the person that had to clean that shit up. He'd begin to weave around the various people there. One thing about this place, always had lots of people around. He'd get almost to the middle of the floor when he heard Leiko.  A big smile took his face as he'd immeditately start to scan for her. Once he found her, a hand was brought up, happily waving to her.


He'd move around a few more people. At one point, a drunk would bump into him, spilling a strong smelling liquor on his shirt. To which he'd just kinda.. groan and side step the guy. A light shooing motion given. Any other night, he may have taken a swing at the idiot, but not tonight. There was enough going on. A gorey scene outside and possible police being most of his concern. But he was distracted by Leiko also.. A good distractoin.

"Gods, did you see that... ick.. outside?"

No, he didn't want to start a panic. A panic, this many people, a crowded place.. That wouldn't be good.. So it was simply called 'ick'. Once at the bar, he'd hug her first before settling onto a stool beside her. It suddenly hit him, just how thankful he was that she was alright and was safe.. Compared to what had happened to that poor sap in the alley. His gaze would lift to the bartender when she approached, asking what he wanted.

"Everclear... Make it a double.."

He hated everclear.. But.. after what he had seen, it seemed like a good idea. Granted come morning, he'd hate himself for it. He was about to comment about Kurama, let her know that he'd probably be joining them. But he never got the chance. Kurama would instead come wandering out from the restroom, a sharp gaze cast constantly towards the door. Even while he walked to the bar and took a seat on the other side of Leiko.. Careful not to bump the guitar.

Kurama: This fuckin place is gonna be crawling with pigs.. How much you wanna bet?

On the other side of the car, leaned against the side of it, would be a young rookie. Tar'Eie would be quietly standing there, watching the stars and nibbling fish shaped cheese crackers. That was till the com went off. He'd turn himself so he could look over towards Juudan, curiosity taking over the albino man's features.


The neko's ears tilted backwards as he contemplated it.. He had never been on a big case like this.. But.. well.. first time for everything as they say. When she got in, he'd quickly stuff the cracker bag in his hoodie pocket and join her in the car. He'd still be fiddling with his seatbelt when the car took off.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 2:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A smirk would've touched Jichou's lips as he watched Salem's soul be moved on by Grim, knowing very well who it was that the slimeball would be facing.  While Jichou was himself one of dark humors, he was not a cruel man generally, and he definitely felt that the rat would deserve everything that came to him.  Especially after everything he had done, the multitudes of crime committed and suffering forced upon others.  

When he ws answered, he would nod shortly, narrowing his gaze at the scene of gore and destruction, agreeing with his father. "Mabye we should ask him? I know we don't interfere... but, it is certainly not normal." He mused thoughtfully as he considered the options. There was the feeling of death about it, but not the kind of.... darkness that was a part of his own soul and that sought his sister.  So she should be safe... but, maybe he should put Hatoha on lock down until it was dealt with.  It might be something new and related, or it might not.  He wasn't sure that he wanted to take that chance.  Even if Hatoha would be furious with him for it.

Not fearful for himself either at all, and as he listened to Grim speak the dark eyes shifted from the scene they'd come to oversee to him.  He gave another nod.  The killer at the wharf, he was a sick bastard, and while he was truly terrible and cruel, the cat could not kill like this thing did.  He wasn't sure there was much that could, thankfully.

"Definitely not. The authorities are going to have their hands full these days," It was an offhanded comment.  Not caring how they fared with it or not.  His main purpose was to make sure that the darkness of the void didn't take his twin sister, and after that he was a reaper.  

Inside, Leiko was very thankful for the distraction that Kenji was as well.  The thought of everything outside didn't leave her mind, but he took up the forefront of her thought process. No longer was she turning around thoughts in her head to try and figure out what could do such a thing.  The list was long and more than a little scary, which is why she didn't need to be thinking about it.

"Yeah," Leiko groaned herself when Kenji joined her and asked her if she had seen the sight outside.  Nodding as she spoke, she twirled the rings around her middle finger on her right hand anxiously. "Just a couple minutes ago, and I called it in. May not be a fan of the piggies, but someone has got to deal with that mess... May not wanna talk about it too loud though, might create a crowd of onlookers curious about it."  She had leaned in towards him a little more while she spoke the last part. Making sure he could hear her, but allowing her to lower her voice enough for others to not over hear easily.  Of course the hug that he gave her and that she easily returned worked perfectly for that.  When his arms had been about her, she gave him a soft squeeze before allowing him to pull away lingeringly. She didn't want to let go of him, but she wasn't about to make that known. The guy had enough to deal with in his life after all.

"Ah, everclear!" Hearing him make his order, Leiko turned golden eyes back to the bar as he placed her drinks in front of her, "Get me one of those too!" She wasn't a fan of the taste either, but there was no way she was about to be leaving the Trance sober. Not after what she'd seen, no way in hell.  The nightmares she'd eaten... some were pretty bad, but this was on another level.

Leiko would've just slammed back the first of her drinks, having grabbed the absinthe and downed it in one go, when Kurama appeared on the other side of her.  Even she had to make a face as the taste hit her, wrinkling her nose but it quickly vanished as she tilted her head to one side and placed the glass down. "I dunno.  Good chance of it, but they do know it's not the wisest thing to be coming inside here." She chuckled. She wasn't worried, although she wasn't exactly innocent, but she was pretty sure there were no warrants out for her.  "Whatchu think Kenj?"

The rookie had almost been forgotten by the detective as she'd been waiting to hear anything, almost jumping but she kept that to herself.  Juudan had a lot on her mind of course, as did any other officer trying to get the massacres solved.

"Yeah," Juudan answered briskly, while she was getting ready in her seat and turning the car on.  Once the car was pulled out onto the road she flicked her gaze over to the cat eared one, "And just our luck it's right outside of the Trance.  You know how much of a pain that's going to be to see if we can find any witnesses to what happened."  A sigh left her, as a dry and morose grin touched her muzzle. "Just glad that we're not forensics or the clean up crew."  A shudder went through her.  She had seen a hell of a lot in her time, but this disturbed even her, even if she kept her reactions unseen.

As they neared the Trance, Juudan slowed down the vehicle, searching for a good spot to park as she lifted her hand to give a light scratch of her cheek. "I'll park us about a block or so away. Better chance of the car not getting defaced or anything in this neighborhood." Once she spotted a good spot she carefully pulled in until she was good, then shut off the ignition.  Not taking off her seatbelt right away before she looked to Tar'Eie, "Alright... I doubt you've had the chance to really see anything like this before, so I just want to warn you rookie..." She took a deep breath.

"It's going to be bad... I don't even have words for it.  You're gonna puke, and there's no shame in that. Just make sure to keep it as far from the scene as possible.  In fact..." An idea occurred to Juudan before she leaned over and popped open the glove box, rustling around in it a little before she pulled out a bag and offered it to Tar'Eie. "Bring this with you, and use it. Can throw it away right away, but it'll keep you from potentially contaminating any evidence."  It'd be then she'd unbuckle her belt and put her hand on the handle.  Juudan wasn't exactly known for being soft/sentimental, but she still remembered what it had been like, being a rookie. "You good to go?"  And this was a special circumstance. If these scenes rattled even her, then what would they do to the kid?

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