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Continuing Murder at the Stardust

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:22 pm    Post subject: Continuing Murder at the Stardust  Reply with quote

Continued from:

The night was young, and the sun was continuing to set, so that the shadows were just beginning to stretch out over the city.  The tallest buildings had the most shadow while the shorter ones were just beginning to show the effect of the passing time.  And time had been passing thus far steadily, as... it had progressed in it's journey around the city.  

Now, it would find itself by the Stardust, the club that was neutral territory for the gangs.  There wasn't exactly a reason that it had found itself there, just wandering, just stalking. Getting used to it's surroundings even more while it was not hungry.  But the hunger was creeping back again. The burning, boiling sensation of the bloodlust sneaking up on it.  It was undeniable, always was... and it was being driven to follow it yet again.  And the Stardust wasn't the worst selection out there. One of the more private areas, and yet still with enough traffic that it could definitely find someone to feed on. There were choices now.

It would settle itself down in one of the darkest places it could, an alley way that let it watch the entrance and exit of the Stardust. And it waited... not for too long as the hunger was clutching at it's gut, knowing that the hungrier it got, the more out of control it would be.  No, it couldn't wait too long before choosing the next prey.  Several people had come and go, and none piqued it's interest... but then she left.  She exited the club...  Bright red hair and make up... A color that called out to the bloodlust. A pulse of hunger shot through it as it nearly strained to launch itself forward and snatch the woman from the steps she descended. But not yet... had to make sure there was no one there to see it take the woman.  So it waited and watched patiently and yet impatiently.

And thankfully it did not have to wait long as it so happened that Valerose would make her way to the side of the street that it was on, walking along towards wherever it was going.  Unaware, oblivious of the malevelant presence almost lurking over her shoulder.

Suddenly it would pounce, the black tendrils shooting forward to grasp at the woman, one going for her mouth even as she started to scream in surprise.  One tendril choked off her air as it wrapped around her neck, while another around her mouth, muffling all sounds of protest that she would make.  Drawing her back into the shadows, it would commence it's usual attack if nothing stopped it.

If it's feasting went uninterrupted this time, it would take different parts this time.  Firstly, it ripped her face, and then worked it's way down.  Hands and feet were torn off and eaten, causing the woman to scream and writhe uselessly in pain. Crunching, snapping bones as they were torn from the skin. Marrow cracked open and sucked out.  It seemed to mainly focus on the meatier parts of her body.  Tearing into her stomach, and ass for example.

Eventually it was done, leaving enough of her to identify only that she was human and female, and the place in which the mark that showed she belonged to the Yakuza was left unharmed.  The leftovers of it's meal were deposited wetly upon the sidewalk, the splat echoing down the empty street.  The tendrils slowly withdrew and it disappeared back into the shadows to explore more of it's new territory.

At the same time that this was going on, within the Stardust, it was a rare night. Christine and Carrie had ventured out to the Stardust in order to watch the entertainment that was going on and to enjoy a night out away from the Yakuza.  It was supposed to have been a relaxing evening, one where they could kick back and enjoy themselves.  Christine had even dressed up a little bit, wearing a black form fitting dress that cut off above the knees, black calf boots, a pale lilac silk shawl with soft makeup on.  Her hair lay loose about her shoulders.  But it would appear that this was not going to be happening.  

The mental distress that came from Valerose as she was torn apart reached Christine, the pain, the fear, the pain slammed into her.  Having been about to take a sip from a drink as she was watching the current band, the sudden impact of the mental onslaught would cause her to cry out as the glass dropped from her fingers, shattering on the ground and the liquid splattering her dress.  Dark eyes widened, recognizing the voice.

Up in a shot, she would run out the door of the Stardust in a flash, it being slammed open as she tried frantically to search for the  source of what she had heard.  Taking only the time to send a message to her sister mentally.

'Carrie, someone is in trouble!' She'd tell her as her eyes finally spotted the body that was laying on the ground below. Blood was everywhere, splattered and pooled on the cement.  Running down the stairs as quickly as she could manage, she was trying to probe ahead with her mind to see if she could figure out if the person was still alive... but all it was, was silence...

The heel of her boots would be all that broke the deathly silence of the evening as it clicked against the sidewalk until she came to a stop, her eyes widening and she staggered back as both of her hands came up to clasp each other, her mouth opening in a silent scream.  Although, it wasn't silent mentally... to anyone close enough or attuned enough would hear her scream in their head.

Continued here:
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 9:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Carrie Beni-Zorion & Raul Yaneisy

Valerose had been on her way home. A drink too many, she wanted fresh air. Though once outside, she had thought it time to head back. Although she didn't make it far.. Before she could even think to run, she was down and she being eaten.. Becoming something's dinner.. And in the next instant, she was gone. Even with her screams and begging to be released, the thing seemed to ignore her and ate her. And just as quick as it started, it was over and death had claimed her.

Inside the Stardust, the twins hadn't been alone at first. Hiroyuki had been with them.. Although his time with the girls hadn't lasted. He was called off by another elder and had returned to the syndicate to see what was needed. More information on the V.V. flooding in. And so he had left to take care of it. After all.. just kids... little cause for concern. And so the girls were left there.

Not that Carrie minded. She had at first been against the whole idea. But it didn't take much to talk her into it. Perhaps it would do them good to get out for awhile. Go do something other than sitting at the hideout. Carrie was in darker clothes.. A black silk, gothic styled dress, and her hair pulled back in a black lace ribbon. Black flats. Slightly dark makeup on. At first, when their evening began, Carrie had been content to sit with her sister.. watching the band. And watch the lead singer mainly.. He was cute. Although their relaxing didn't last it'd seem.

When Christine had screamed, Carrie had jumped in surprise.. And in turn, knocked her own glass off the table as she tried to get up to follow. She barely got untangled from the table when she got the message. Her  eyes widened in concern. Though she didn't have to be told twice, she'd be right behind her sister. She'd half hop on the railing when they got outside to make it easier getting down the steps. When her feet hit the ground, she'd break into a run after her. Though she'd come to a sudden halt next to Christine.. her eyes wide in fear and shock.


Her voice came out in a half squeak, half screech as she'd stumble backwards, her back slamming into a nearby brick wall, her hands clenched at her chest.

The sound of the scream from Christine had not gone unnoticed.. It would actually draw the attention of another that was wandering up the street on the other side. A small framed, cream colored mouse anthro. Blond hair hung over his face, a lit cancer stick between his lips, and his hands stuffed in his hoodie pocket. Yes.. even with how warm it was outside, he had a hoodie on. On his lower half, he wore faded, tattered jeans and old, worn out hiking boots. Hearing the scream, he'd break into a run. Booted feet thudding lightly on the ground. When Raul finally got where he was going, he'd skid to a halt, nearly toppling over from the way he had stopped.. Stormy - Gray/blue eyes widened in shock at the sight before his gaze went to the leaders.

"Oh... W-What happened?..."

He'd blink at the mess before moving over to the girls.. trying to comfort them. Only seventeen, he honestly should have been back at the VK hideout at the moment. But he had gone out to get more smokes. This was what he found though while heading back..
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 3:47 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It really had been a good night to begin with, getting to enjoy music and a show with her twin sister. The one person that she shared such a strong, unspoken bond with.  The two were almost like two people at times, and yet unique enough all at the same.  Same and different.  So that would be why she knew when she tried to run to the aide of the one she had sensed, that Carrie would be right behind her.  

And yet any thought of that had fled immediately from her mind when she had been confronted by the sight in front of her. Probably one of the few people capable of screaming and nearly puking at the same time, her stomach had lurched and she'd clamped her mouth down.  It helped that the scream had gone out telepathically after all.

'Oh, Valerose...' The soft grieving words were transmitted mentally of course, since Christine didn't speak aloud and pretty much used telepathy solely to communicate.  As Carried hit the brick wall, Christine whirled around and fled to her sister, wrapping her arms around her and buried her face against her as she whimpered sorrowfully. 'What do we do? I think it's gone... but what do we do Carrie?" She asked her, the silent girl lifting her eyes to her twin's face while tears streamed down her cheeks, dark eyes shimmering with emotion.

It would be almost hard to think of the pair as leader's of Japan's most notorious gang, with the way that they reacted to the scene. So emotional and panicky.  But that would be underestimating them to write them off simply for that reasoning.

Either way, Christine would look up when Raul approached them, looking to the mouse.  His question prompting her to glance back at what remained of Valerose laying there on the ground.  It was... a mess, almost hard to tell that it had been a person shortly ago. Gore splattered, decorating everything... She was just thankful that she couldn't sense the... darkness, the hunger that whatever had done this gave off anymore.  It should mean that it was gone, but it had vanished so quickly.... She couldn't help but be frightened.

'V-Valerose... something... something killed her! Something ate her!' Christine spoke into Raul's mind in order to answer his question. The mental voice would be identical to her the other woman who looked exactly as she did, just dressed differently.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Carrie would cowar against the brick wall, watching the gorey scene they had.. found.. Just earlier that evening, before it had gotten dark, and before she had left with Christine and Hiroyuki,  she remembered talking to her sister about elevating Valerose into the rank of elder.... This.. almost felt like a horrible nightmare. But her throbbing back from the impact of the wall told her otherwise. This was no dream. No... This was.. very real.

She felt sickened, but managed to keep her stomach from completely rolling over.. Though it wasn't easy. Her eyes remained wide with shock and now swirling fear. That thing.. whatever did this.. She suddenly wondered if it were maybe.. still around.. somewhere. Watching them? Maybe she was just paranoid.. But.. who could blame the girl, honestly? She had gotten lost in herself.. Almost like she had back when the schools were attacked..

Though that didn't last. Feeling Christine bury herself into her, pulled Carrie back to reality. She'd cling instantly to her sister, her eyes still glued on what they found. She'd blink rapidly as she tried to calm herself, to settle her racing heart. She wasn't one to frighten easily, but this... It was like something out of a horror movie and nightmare - breathed to life and forced to them.

"I-I-I don't know... What could have done this... Sh-She was in our office earlier today.. and.."

This was too big for her to handle.. For either of them.. From the look of it, this also wasn't something a rival had done.. No.. Their friend was torn to ribbons.. eaten.. And Carrie was at a loss on what to do.. Panic set in.. but also.. a little thought piped up.. It's the only one that made any logical sense.

"Hiroyuki.. We should contact Hiro..."

She felt like Christine on this.. The fact that Valerose was gone, coupled with how quickly that thing had come and gone.. It was terrifying. Absolutely and utterly terrifying. She had been so focused on the mess and her sister, and the thoughts in her mind that she hadn't even noticed the mouse's arrival.. To which, when he spoke, she'd jolt a little as if someone had zapped her. Dark brown eyes darted over to him, blinking rapidly... Only to only slightly relax realizing who it was.. An ally.. Yes.. she knew the small one. Or at least, remembered his face. Remembered seeing him around.

"She.. She was just in our office earlier.. and... and..."

And then the tears started to fall. Saddened by the loss mixed with deeply frightened, she just couldn't help it. Nor could she stop it.

As for Raul, he'd kneel down beside them. His gaze shooting over to the mess.. Disgusting.. He felt sickened.. His stomach was rolling, but he'd ignore it, forcing himself to convince his stomach that the contents in there needed to stay put. He had seen his family die for fucks sake.. But then again.. they were merely shot.. This was nothing like that moment from his past.

But his eyes did widen as he looked back at the scene.. Gods.. what could do something like this? Then a thought struck him.. His gaze shot up to the sky, searching frantically for the moon.. No.. no full moon... That's right.. that wasn't for another few days.. So.. not a were-creature then.. That usual thick Spanish accent leaving him whenever he spoke.

"It... don't feel safe here.. We should go.."

Wide blue eyes watched the girls, his large rounded ears having drooped and now hung low along side his head. Almost like puppy ears. Then he remembered the police.. He'd bite at his bottom lip as he thought about it. A hand dug into his faded grey hoodie, pulling out a battered cellphone.

"Um... should I.. call the police?"

There was some things, that even gang members knew to keep quiet. The murder of others for example, if done by rival, it was usually handled on their own terms. Bodies usually dealt with as well.. Dumped somewhere or burried. But this was different.

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