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A Night for Brainstorming

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 1:41 am    Post subject: A Night for Brainstorming  Reply with quote

Continued from:

It was about four weeks since the murders had begun, the gruesome, bloody murders that had the local force on edge.  They never knew when another murder was going to occur and yet it seemed like they had increased in frequency.  And they were getting no less disgusting or disturbing. There were theories abounding, but none were certain.  The medical examiner was getting overwhelmed with the bodies and still had no answers for them.  And it was stressful on everyone... which would be why the two officers could be found this night at the Six Feet Under Pub.  They were still on the case, but they needed a change of scenery, a change of pace in the hopes it might help them get to a break through. And if not... well the food there was much better than anything they could get delivered to the precinct.

Juudan and Yukari could be found in a booth seat in the way back of the pub, it was a bit darker but still bright enough to read the files that they had spilled out on the table in front of them, so they could peruse and read it as they were eating.  They didn't want anyone that shouldn't see the information they had to get it.  

Yukari would sit back in the booth seat with a sigh, her soft purple eyes skimming over the information that they had there.  Furry fingers wrapped around a glass of amber beer that sat on the table, picking it up and taking a long drink from it.

"Do you think it could be the Wharf Killer?" Yukari lifted her eyes up to the woman sitting across from her. Tonight Juudan was dressed a little more casually... if she could be anyways. A black tanktop was her top with a jean jacket overtop, and jeans with black heeled boots.  The dark silky blue hair was combed back, and her pointed ears of course had their piercings in.  Nursing her own beer, she crossed one leg over the other with her blue eyes on her fellow officer.  In contrast, Yukari was dressed like always with the soft brown leather trenchcoat, and brown khakis. And of course, she was never found without the collar that had her father's badge attached to it.

"Mm, hard to say," Juudan replied, her flat tongue flicking out to lick up the foam from her drink that lingered along her muzzle, "But honestly, I don't think so. That psycho seems to clean up after himself a bit better than this.  Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to care, or think it'll get caught... and is eating the victims.  So unless he's changed his M.O..."  She shrugged as she answered, explaining her thoughts.  Yukari nodded agreement and snatched up a fry to nibble on, narrowing her eyes at the paperwork as her ears twitched. "When's your partner going to be here?"

Yukari's glance flicked up at the question towards the entrance before she leaned just slightly over to fish out her cell phone to look at the time, her fluffy tail flickering lightly. "Ryoichi should be here pretty soon I think," She answered before slipping it away again and grabbing another fry to bite in half. "We've got to get whatever is doing this before it kills again..."  She muttered.

Juudan simply narrowed her eyes to the low utterance and took another long drink of her beer.

Continued here:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2014 2:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ryoichi Yamatoo

A slender light brown tail bristled as he came to stand along side Yaruki. Dark brown eyes would harden as he took in the gruesome scene. He was sickened, appalled, and just all around disgusted by the scene. His almost human like nose would wrinkle as he brought a hand hand up, resting it over his face. The other arm crossed over his chest as he contemplated it.

He was silent thus far as he took in the scene. Something that wasn't normal for Ryoichi. He was a known chatterbox when he was in a good enough mood. But this.. This took the chatter right out of him. In his years working Tokyo, never once had he seen something this horrible. Oh sure, he seen quite a few murders while working under his father. Had even seen some of the things at the pier. But this.. This took the trophy for horrid. Looking at him, he was clothed like one would expect of a cop. Well almost. His shirt wasn't tucked in, and left to lay comfortably against him. But the rest of the uniform was there. Okay... one other thing was off. No polished shoes. Just old sneakers instead.

He'd shake his head as he contemplated it.. And listened to the ladies talk. Hearing mention of Hachi though, he'd lift his gaze finally, nodding lightly in agreement. The team and Hachi would be arriving any minute now. It was just a matter of time really. Though the comment of the wild thing.. His forehead would crease in thought as he considered it... Thinking about what wild things lived around Japan. Of course there wer introduced species that didn't belong.. But mainly, there wasn't many that came to mind.

He'd cringe as he finally found the nerve to turn away from it. It unnerved him.. Made him uneasy and made him just want to distance himself from it. Of course though, being a cop, he just couldn't turn away either. He had to stay. It was part of the investigation. Which meant he was pushing natural instincts to get away from the scene away. A thought occurred to him as he moved back to the car... He'd pause midstep, turning to look back at the ladies... He'd shake his head inspite of himself.. Almost his way of making himself be quiet.. What he was thinking.. No.. Why would it... No..just no. The thought was pushed out of his mind as he went to check the scanner.

That had been back on the first murder. Now, Ryoichi would be found in his apartment. He was just leaving actually. He'd give his gerbil fresh water before heading out. With how warm it had been recently, he thought it best he give her cold water before departing. Once out, his keys would be held in his mouth and he'd take to jumping branch to branch before he hit the ground. Yes, he could have taken the stairs.. like a normal man.. But normal was underrated. Plus he wanted to jump down.. It usually woke him up and made him feel not so lazy. Not that he was lazy. When he wasn't working, he was usually found climbing anyway..

At any rate.. He'd slide into his little car and pop the keys in. Once they were in, the door was pulled shut and the car put in gear after it was fired up. He'd pause, kind of shaking his head at himself. He had almost forgotten to buckle up. Which he'd quickly do before leaving. A little while later, he'd finally arrive. His car really was a beater. Old, dented, but to him, a classic. It had been his brother's before it had become his back when he first joined the force. At first glance, he'd look casual. He certainly wasn't in uniform at least. He wore a simple green martial arts styled, sleeveless top. On his lower half, dull gray, loose fitted martial arts styled pants and on his feet, his usual sneakers. His short hair, what little he could manage had been pulled into a stubby ponytail, while the rest of his hair stood spiked and fluffied on the top of his head.

Since that night of the first murder, Ryoichi had come up with a few theories. All of which he had been quiet about. Unsure of how to even bring them up. Out of his car, and keys pocketed, the thing locked up, Ryoichi would move inside. He'd pause long enough to let his eyes adjust to the light, before looking around. When he spotted them, he'd flash a smile and head towards them. At first glance, he looked as calm as he could.. even cheerful. Though in honesty, he was on edge. Especially about this whole case. It was.. not something he had ever expected to happen. While he was smiling, his eyes likely tattled on him. They weren't as relaxed and soft as they normally were. They were the eyes of someone on alert, of someone scanning for danger at every turn. On the way there, he had actually taken many unneeded turns just to ensure he wasn't followed. Okay.. Perhaps that was a paranoid thing to do.. But he wanted to be sure and wanted to be safe.

When he got to the table, he'd slip in, sitting next to Yukari.

"Sorry I kept you two waiting. Had to refill Squeaks water container before I left.."
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Joined: 26 Jun 2014
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As soon as Yaruki noticed that her partner had gotten to the bar and was approcahing them where they were seated, her furry ears pricked up and eyes lit up a little as she waved to indicate where they were in case he missed them.

"No worries, just trying to come up with some sort of angle on this... this Nightmare," Yaruki answered as she heaved a sigh, trying to think of a good word to fully describe what this thing was. This murderous killer that seemed to eat it's victims and leave their leftovers strewn all about.  And always different body parts too it seemed.

Juudan ran her fingers through the darker blue hair, causing it to fall forward back into her face once again as she nodded in agreement to the other female detective, ears folding back slightly in a sign of irritation. "We just can't seem to think of anything that fits.  The teeth marks aren't from something small, but if it was a wild beast, somebody would have seen it wandering around the city." She took a longer sip of her beer, and narrowed her eyes at some of the crime scene photos that peeked out from under the pages, quickly pushing them fully back under.  They didn't see those pictures again right that moment, while trying to eat a bit.

Yaruki nodded as well, but to what Juudan was talking about.  Looking at the one glass sitting unclaimed on the table, she would slide it over to her partner and gave a slight grin. "I got your favorite drink while we waited for you." A slight, dry chuckle was given. She was usually more mirthful, but this case and whatever was hunting the city streets had her much more reserved.  The fluffy tailed flickered about lightly again before she dropped a couple of sheets down and turned a knowing eye to the monkey beside her.

"What about you Ryoichi?  Any thoughts on what could be causing this?"

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