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Haunting Memories & Being A Hero

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:51 am    Post subject: Haunting Memories & Being A Hero  Reply with quote

"Daddy, look what I made for you."

The small four year old, dog eared-human appearing child would lisp as she held up a crudely drawn crayon picture. A fire truck, her father behind the wheel and herself sitting on the roof. At least, that's what it was supposed to be.. Pretty decent though for being drawn by a four year old.

He'd kneel down, and move to hug her, then she vanished.. A wisp like mist replacing where she had been. He could still hear her.. Only the excited 'here's a picture' chat had faded. Giving way to screams.. Screams of pain.. Then silence.. His dream shifted.. Pulled him in another direction entirely.

Blood.. It was the only scent he could smell.. So much blood. And then.. the smell of smoke.. The smell of.. a fire.. A house fire..

He'd jerk awake after that.. Right.. Still in the back of the fire truck.. The smell, was from the location they were going to. He'd sit up, rubbing at his face. From the front seat, the voice of a female fire fighter called back to him..

"Chief, you alright back there?"

He'd give a sleepy groan, followed by a stretch.. as if that could possibly answer the question. Though after a second, he'd finally find the words to answer with.

"Yeah, I'm fine, devchonka.. Just.. didn't sleep so well last night.."

What he had called her was simply a russian word for lass. He'd adjust his coat, as the truck pulled to a stop. He'd wait his turn to bail out.. Once able to get out, he'd go about helping to deal with the fire.

That was hours ago. Now covered in soot, he sat at Six Feet Under, a glass of jack daniels in one hand, a cigarette in the other. The bottle of jack sat in front of him, having told the bartender to just leave the bottle with him. He and his team had done what they could. They put out the fire, saved lives.. Did what fire fighters do best. Tonight, there had been no tragedies. Wasn't often he got to be able to say that.

He'd put the lit cancer stick between his lips, his hand going up to scratch idly at the side of his face. Rather his team had remained with him or had gone back to the fire stationed.. well could be either. As for him, he had decided to celebrate a little bit. A celebration to the fact that no one was hurt tonight.

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