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Jase-Yuan Lyndsey

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:03 pm    Post subject: Jase-Yuan Lyndsey  Reply with quote

"When I'm with her, I feel as if I could fly at
any given moment. For her, I'd do anything just
to see her smile. My heart feels as if it has wings
each time she holds me. If this is a dream, please don't
wake me.. With her.. I truly feel as if.. I'm at peace with everything."

Theme: Sacred by Sweetbox & Points Of Authority by Linkin Park

Name: Jase-Yuan Amitola-Kaie Lyndsey

Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Jase, Yuan

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Birthdate: Feb. 14th, 1984

Birthplace: Kyoto Japan

Race: Shape Shifter

Nationality: Japanese

Languages Spoken: Japanese, English

Current Residence: Tokyo Japan

Eye Color: Sapphire Blue - Turn crimson when angry.

Hair Color: Red - He has the top of his head streaked in black. And the tips of his hair turn different colors depending on his mood.

Height: 5ft


Distinguishing Markings(Tattoos, Piercings, etc): Jase has odd markings on his face. For the most part, it does look like makeup. But it is not makeup. He has a large black patch over his right eye that drapes down over his cheek, appearing as almost tears. There's one long one that reaches his jaw line and then a smaller one that stops at his nostril. On the other eye, he has a red marking that goes down into a small tear. Under the red marking is a black multiple diamond shape. It goes diamond on top, thin trail and into another diamond that wraps up under his chin. On his lips, top and bottom lip on right side have a pale purple marking over them. The bottom lip, the marking trails down into a crimson hue..almost looking like a blood dribble.

Morality: Chaotic Good - He's a sweet guy. Easy going and very gentle. He's a loving husband and a very loving father. He's also probably one of the very rare few of his family that has his sanity.

Disability: He's skittish. He'll always be as such. When spooked, he has a habit of shifting to a random animal form. Also he's blind in his right eye. Though he'll never admit to it. Doctors believe by the time he's in his seventies, he'll be completely blind. It's something that he just refuses to admit though because he don't want to admit to himself that one day he could very well be blind in both eyes.

Allergies: None

Blood Type: O +

Sexuality: Bisexual

Love Interest: Nyoko

Family: Brother, Neice, Two Sister-In-Laws, Son & Daughter, Wife, Cousins, Great Nieces & Great Nephews

Class(es)/Occupation(s): Messenger For The Crimson Dragon Syndicate

Abilities: Aside from the typical shape shifter abilities, he's also an excellent fighter. Though he won't fight unless pushed hard enough to get him to snap.

Weapons: Depends on what form he's in. For the most part it's just his hands, feet, throwing knives, brass knuckles, switch blade pocket knife.

Other Important Items/Equipment: He has a blood stained dragon necklace that was left behind by his brother. He refuses to get rid of it.


Feb 14th, 1984 - The coldest night of that year, the soft cries of a baby boy would fill the delivery room in a local hospital in Kyoto Japan. His parents couldn't have been more proud. This child was a miracle. They had tried many times over for a baby, always failing.. And then, she got pregnant with this one. Many times there were complications. But in the end, they'd bring a healthy child into the world. Jase was three months early, but healthy. His mother however would not survive the ordeal. She'd pass away moments after he was born. Leaving the father to raise the infant and the older sibling alone. His father would name him Jase.

Two weeks later, he was brought home from the hospital and he met his older brother, Conner. Right away, Jase looked up to Conner..saw Conner as his role model..his hero even. Conner was 13 when Jase was brought home from the the two were years apart. By the time Jase could walk and talk, he followed Conner everywhere. And if Conner went away for the weekend, he had to call home just so Jase could hear his voice in order for Jase to behave and go to bed.

He was barely a year old though, his father had started dating again. Though nothing serious ever came of it.

Jase was five when he first started school... His older brother had dropped out however. Having dropped out when Jase was two. Conner was mixed up in a tough crowd.. their father had no clue about it.. nor did Jase..Jase still thought his brother was an angel and wouldn't harm anyone. Though things started happening.

Conner was in with a local syndicate.. The Yakuza... and was running errands for them. But when something turned sour.. another gang decided to take revenge on Conner's family..killing his father..which in turn left Jase and Conner orphans. Jase was eight when their father was killed. Conner was twenty one.

Rather than risk his brother being placed in an orphanage or foster home, Conner took Jase and fled to Tokyo. Deciding he'd raise his brother there. Which also put him closer to the main syndicate building. Going there however, proved to be a big mistake later down the road.

Their survival came from the money that Conner made. It was never much.. But it kept his brother fed. Though there were times when there were bigger meals than just a few cheese burgers. Conner would never tell where he got the money from...not telling his brother that he had stolen it from the Yakuza..not wanting Jase to know. Wanting to shield Jase from that life. So by the time Jase turned thirteen, Conner was in over his head..he had been caught stealing money to survive.. he was hunted down by one of the assassins and killed in cold blood infront of Jase.

Right after that, after everything settled..and the assassin was long gone.. Jase just cried and cried..wanting his brother. His brother's dying words to him were 'carry on Jase..don't look back on this day.. just move on..' and before he died, he gave Jase a dragon necklace which was stained with dried blood.

When the cops arrived, Conner was dead..and Jase was in tears. The cops told Jase they could do nothing..Jase became upset and lost control attacking serveral cops, killing them... Before turning his attention on those that had gathered. It resulted in him mauling and maiming a few onlookers. After that, Jase fled and wasn't seen again..or so many thought.

In truth, Jase fell into himself. Became.. withdrawn. Angry and hateful. Distant even. The very thing his brother had tried to shield him from, Jase would eventually fall into. He'd get involved with the Crimson Dragons, becoming their messenger. Although he always appeared in various animal forms. Always refusing to show his true form.

At the age of twenty two, Jase would meet Nyoko.. It didn't take him long, and he'd begin falling fast for her. Though there was a problem.. He was refusing to leave his animal form. It'd actually take quite a bit of coaxing before he'd decide to finally reveal his human form. After that, he'd grow.. close to her. And in time, they'd even begin dating.

Four months later his brother.. came back from the dead. It started simple.. Hauntings mostly. Though it gave way and resulted in his brother being brought back from the dead. His brother would leave after that, reuniting with Jase's niece and sister-in-law.

Skipping ahead, it has been years since then. Jase has since happily settled down with Nyoko. The two having even started a family together. He has never been happier. With Nyoko by his side and having two wonderful children, he couldn't ask for more. And he also still serves as the Crimson Dragon messenger.

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