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Da Rules

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:15 pm    Post subject: Da Rules  Reply with quote

The reason for the title to this subject is due to the fact that these rules will be what I start out with. However there is always the chance that I may forget to add one, or think that it is unnecessary to do so, and later on may remember or decide it has become necessary.

All of these rules will be followed, and if you don't like it, just don't use the board, thanks. No one will be favored in any manner, no one will get special treatment. You break a rule, you will suffer the same consequences as everyone else.

1. RESPECT- This is key to getting through in life and getting along with others. This applies to even here. If you want to use this board, you have to remember to show respect to everyone by default, and especially to the admins. If you have a dispute with someone, the proper course of action is to sort it out with them in a mature fashion, and if that is not possible you may go through an admin. If you have a problem with an admin, you may go through the head admin to sort it out.

2. No stealing! Period! No stealing pictures, ideas, etc. You get the idea.

3. Swearing. Swearing is allowed... IN Character. Swearing at others Out of Character is not allowed. I know for some this may be a confusing difference, but I expect everyone to put in their best efforts.

4. SEX! Yes, I said sex. Sexual scenes will be allowed, however only in the designated area. Anything sexual, including oral sex, intercourse, detailed groping, etc must be kept in the designated areas.

5. No Godmoding. No variations, ifs, ands, or buts regarding it. You only control your own character, you do not control those that you are interacting with, so you have no right to try and dictate their actions. For example: if you find yourself in a situation that you need to dictate what happens after a strike, you should use things like: 'if the swordstrike were to connect, they would find the blade ripping deep into their flesh'. Or something to that affect.

6. Changes to the area- Unless it specifies what kind of damage is allowed in the area, assume that there is none allowed. Same goes to residents. This rule however may be circumvented by admin permission.

7. No soliciting! And to specify, I mean no soliciting other RP forums. I'm not talking about a place to organize RPs, etc, I mean a place where you RP on. You want to show off a cool website, or your own deviantart, stuff like that, that's cool. But I think it's kinda rude to be like, 'Hey, this place is better' or something like that... So ya, play nice!

8. No advertising! This is a site for roleplay and roleplay only. We're not looking for other sorts of products, and if we are, we know how to use the internet, so we're good, thanks. Bannable offense if I think you're just a spammer.

These are the rules so far, and if you want to participate here you have to follow them. The right to add rules is reserved, as if people are stupid enough it may be necessary. Or if something was forgotten it will be added when recalled. No whining, bitching, badmouthing, etc. If you have a problem with anything, take the mature route and take it up respectfully with an admin.

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